Strange yellow wind indications

All working as expected yesterday. This morning, the wind tile wind speed slider keeps changing from the usual purple to a yellow bar and back. What does the yellow indicate? Also, wind direction is 180 off compared to other stations around me and my second Tempest. And, wind speeds, both average and gusts, are crazy high compared to real observed conditions. Problem station is 33100. That station is above peak of roof. My second station is 102767 which is 6 ft above ground in back yard. I realize placement, and particularly elevation, will account for some of the differences in readings but not to this degree. Is this related to a software/firmware update?


When the wind gusts on any Tempest° device Less Than 20 mph the normal color shading will appear. When the 1-minute average wind gust goes above 20 mph. . .the scale readjusts to 40 mph (at the far right edge. . .as per your example above) and the color-coding changes to Yellow. When the 1-minute gust goes above 40 mph. . .the scale again readjusts to read 60 mph at the far right edge. . .and the corresponding color-coding changes to Red.


Good to know. My wind readings have been consistently low since I started with Tempest and it is rare for gusts to register high enough for the color changes as described. I knew the scale adjusted as needed but had not previously observed the color changes.

I’ve only observed the “yellow” on my Tempest’s wind Once in the past. Winds here at my location in Bellevue, NE (just S of OMA) are generally 15mph or less. I only know about the wind speed color coding and the range scale chance by observing others’ stations that I sample when there are wide-spread svr storms or extremely high gradient wind events occurring.

A cool feature that I never noticed, thanks.

I also note the scale makes some sense.

  • 20 is sort of a median point.
  • “Tropical Storm Force” winds start at 39mph, so 40mph makes sense.
  • 60mph turning RED as a warning you are approaching 74mph (Cat1 hurricane).

Let’s hope for all “normal color” this summer :slight_smile: