Tempest dashboard on club website

Is there a way to get the Tempest dashboard on a club’s website?

Note there’s an undocumented rate limit on the number of times the unauthenticated weather page can be displayed, which will eventually cause your page to display a ‘data not available’ error - more discussion here

Not the actual Tempest dashboard because of the rate limits already mentioned, but WeatherFlow has an open API and the hub transmits UDP messages from the hub. Anyone with a little web development background could pretty easily collect that data and present it in a useable means. Personally, I use SmartThings to collect the data and a web application called SharpTools to display it as a webpage on wall mounted tablets around the house.

I would run weewx locally and upload the dashboard or data of your choice to your club website via rsync. Or run my wfudptools UDP listener and feed MQTT if you have some way to take that data in. There are a lot of ways to get there if you’re willing to run a tiny raspi of basically any vintage.

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Thanks for the answer but you are speaking another language. I’m not that technical. I was able to add the dashboard via iFrame using this code:


You can see it at Test | dbdzn

Anybody know how I can reduce the size?

I guess this board won’t allow me to post the code.

Any web developer type guys out there that would get the Tempest data on our website?

I believe that the bigger problem is not technology, but licensing. Are you a TempestOne customer? If so, I would suggest reaching out to your priority support contact and ignore everything else below.

From the non-commercial Terms of Use:

…you may not modify, publish, transmit, display, sell, transfer, deliver, copy, perform, reproduce, distribute or redistribute, create derivative works of, or in any way exploit any of the Services or Licensed Content, in whole or in part, in any format or by any means (including, but not limited to framing, deep linking or embedding), without WeatherFlow’s express written consent. Any commercial use of the Services or the Licensed Content must be authorized by WeatherFlow under a written agreement separate and distinct from these Terms. Please contact us at support@weatherflow.com for information about commercial licensing.

WeatherFlow-Tempest has three different product/licenses:

  1. Tempest Home (personal use)

  2. TempestOne Essential (smaller businesses)

  3. TempestOne Enterprise (large businesses)


Now, as odd as this sounds to someone like me who has worked almost 40 years in the non-profit sector, WF-T considers anything but home/personal use to be commercial and subject to one of the TempestOne licenses:


For applications of Tempest data that go beyond personal use (including use by businesses, organizations, non-profits, clubs, government agencies, municipalities, or other commercial entities) and access to data beyond an individual Tempest station, learn more about TempestOne.

Just throwing this out there for why the data and web page load caps are in place for personal stations…

Sure, how’s $300/hour with a minimum 10 hours pre-paid with no warranty or guarantee of success sound ? Only half kidding there. Folks are all volunteers here.

If you’re indeed non-technical and not inclined to learn/do anything technical then I’d say ‘nope - no way to get you there’. There’s no free lunch.

(incidentally - I like your sailing T-shirt a lot)

I’m not aware of a non-technical turnkey solution.

You do have a few options but they all require work on your part and possibly a little $$$:

  • add a link on your club’s page to a better looking something with your data (the tempest page is uggggggly).

    If you poke around on wxforum.net in the forums you’ll see some folks have banners in their posts with their weather data on it. Years ago WU supported this as ‘stickers’ but I’m not sure if IBM hasn’t killed that feature by now as they continue to kill WU day by day after acquiring them. Way back when if you fed WU with weather data from your station, you could get a link automatically generated to the various stickers with your data. It was a nice feature back then.

    or…it’s not too hard to overlay data on an image procedurally if you can (a) get the data, (b) run the trivial commands to overlay data onto the image. Again this requires a computer of some type and some setup and support.

  • alternately set up a $15 raspberry pi with weewx and generate a custom minimal good-looking html file or graphic that meets your eye. Many thousands of people run such sites, but it ‘is’ non-zero work and a non-zero learning curve.

In any event, if you generate the file yourself you’d need to serve up that file somehow or upload it to someplace your website could link to. Running rsync over ssh via cron is simple and reliable, but again that requires learning things, securing things, and supporting things.

Bottom line - there’s no free lunch. You need to devote ‘some’ time+effort+budget to set something up and support it. If you don’t want to spend the labor/time/effort to do that, skip those options.

Thank you for the great information. Looks like I will just post a link on our website to the station.
From what I understand, if we purchase the professional version of the station it will have unlimited users for the app and unlimited station page shares. I’m waiting for confirmation from Tempest.

Is there anyone in your club that is technical?

I don’t think there are any limitations to a site linking to your ‘public’ web page. That’s what public means. You can’t stop them anyway, there are so many zillion bots and automated scanners out there on Internet.

WF has been very clear since their earliest days that you own your data.

According to their website the personal use station page shares and app users are limited… one app user and they don’t say how many page shares are allowed. For the professional use station page shares and app users are unlimited. I’ve read on this forum that they do indeed limit page shares for a personal use station.

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Without a published limit, that is soooooo weak. There is no way you can prevent the bots and script kiddies out there from flooding the link that resolves to your public station. This is yet another reason to self-host. An Amazon Lightsail instance is under $5 a month.

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I cannot make any promises; this is a blind offer.
I have no idea what the details of your club website are.

I can help you display weather data from your station on a website.
No charge.

Message me directly if you would like some help.
Send me your station number and the link to your club’s website