Tempest inside showing wind

Hello to all, maybe someone can shed some light on my tempest that I have indoors temporary since cleaning and I noticed it’s giving me a wind reading several times a minute. How do I correct this if possible since there should be no wind reading at all. It doesn’t seem to want to correct its self upon watching it for awhile, wanted to ask before I do anything else, thanks

Do you have it inside a closed cupboard or box? If not, how do you know it isn’t giving accurate readings?

Why would it be giving out a wind reading number on and off sitting inside my house where there is no wind? It shows zero then up pops a 2 or 3 or 4 etc then back to zero , that is my question it shouldn’t be spitting wind numbers out unless it’s outdoors.


I had similar issue. First thing is to ensure the head is away from a wall, but made no difference for me. I spent days with lots of testing and proof and a wind tunnel and a calm closed room and could prove that there were ‘glitches’.
The solution I believe is to ignore the ‘glitches’ because sometimes a Sky (Old style Tempest) does have glitches and we just need to accept with so much data and calculations flying around sometimes a few electrons go the wrong way and cause a ‘glitch’
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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Thankyou much, yours was the best reply of all that made the most sense to me, I appreciate your wisdom.

I just happened to re-read the reports from my impromptu wind tunnel Sky testing and Weatherflow responses to my findings and noticed there can be other causes which in their analysis of my data they did not find any evidence of, but perhaps could effect yours: quote from their reply:
“Another issue with an indoor test like this is sporadic electronic interference. Walking too close to the head with a mobile phone or tablet could cause some weirdness.”
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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