Three years later, Tempest still going strong!

Northern Ontario here. Temps range from -35C to +35C. Tempest has never failed since Nov’2020 when I installed it. Battery levels steady, performance excellent, and it just keeps on tickin’.

Happy Canadian customer with Tempest :slight_smile:


There’s now a 400% chance you’ll be the next person on Facebook asking why your battery won’t hold a charge. :rofl:


How many days of up uptime? I just checked mine and 828 days up and going strong. Look on your station status page and you will see uptime for the base and the uptime for the station.

I am like you, mine has been running since June of 2020 in its current location here in northern Illiniois and I cannot be happier with it.

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Interesting. I can’t find the days-up numbers tho. Hm…

Regardless, like you, Tempest is running great through whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

Go to Settings, Stations, station name, Status.

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Thank you. Found it right where I was looking in the first place :grimacing:

  1. Tempest 873 days.

  2. Older Weatherflow 1 : 1186 days outside. This one is attached to a Weatherflow solar sensor. Battery showing 0 now but it just keeps on ticking, even when sun isn’t ideal for recharging.

  3. Older Weatherflow 2: 1186 days. In garage using regular batteries.