Time series logging of data and downloadable access to it

There should be a way to download historical station data by minute, hour, day and/or month over time so that it can be displayed, stored and analyzed. This is possible via an ITFFF applet, but it should be integral to the app and website, so that both display and downloading of data are easy and on-demand.

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Hi @tom7 ,
If you can find a request that matches what you want and you add your vote to it then there is more chance of your request moving up the ranking of votes. I imagine your request matches this request. I am surprised that it has so few votes. It is worth reading the suggestions in that request. The excel trick might get you something to start with. And more downloads are available if you goto the API instructions you can use a browser to get all the data. It is not as simple as clicking a download link, but not impossible.

Cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Possibly unrelated, but does anybody have a record of ‘any’ feature requests actually being implemented ? Which ones ? When ?

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does this help Excel trick to get data directly from tempest