Toggle on/off any sensor

Hi community.
Wouldn’t be useful to be capable to toggle on or off any sensor, like it is for strikes sensor?
I’ve got one unit with pressure sensor that reports false data’s, so that’s not accurate to let it still record data’s.

What do you think? That shouldn’t be so difficult to improve?

Thanks for reading.

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For your particular case, you could see if WF support can hide that field for you.

What is WF support? What does it makes as difference?

WeatherFlow support, reached by using the support link at the top of this forum. WeatherFlow is the company which makes the Tempest.

Oh yes… Silly I am…
I thought you were talking about a Third part app or company.

Btw I’ve already asked them… And for know, no way to do it, unless enough people here would-be interested by this feature…

First they should introduce a software induced reboot and reset option for both the hub and the tempest device. I think many people have wanted this feature in the forum, but WeatherFlow is yet to heed to their request.