Use a Kindle as a WeatherFlow display

Update - just confirming that a kindle fire 7 is ‘easily’ good enough to make a really nice weather dashboard box. Took just a few minutes to set up. Really.

Setup was trivial:

  • get the fire7 on the network and let Amazon update it to current
  • installed FullyKiosk free and set it to the URL to display
  • set FK to not screen blank
  • released the victory beer

What’s coming from where:

  • Dashboard is Home Assistant using the TileBoard add-on
  • Temp/Hum/Rain are from a weewx Davis VP2 instance I have elsewhere on the LAN feeding a MQTT broker.
  • AQI is from HA querying the PurpleAir REST interface
  • Door/window sensors are Ecolink ZWave via the HA integration
  • Temps at the bottom are from a bunch of $12 Ecowitt T+H sensors and a $35 gw1000 gateway via another weewx instance also feeding MQTT.

Colors of sensors change to red when the door/window is open. Bar charts change color based on the values. I could also trigger sound if I wanted, but I didn’t enable that.

With one exception, everything is done in Docker on the same i3 NUC but I used to run everything on the same pi3 so compute isn’t an issue at all, it’s just that dockerizing made it simpler to set up and support.

Bottom line is that if you have ‘any’ dashboard that is web-based, you have a $49 US problem to get it to display.

(FWIW - I ‘love’ the weewx Belchertown skin and @vreihen’s driver for this if you just want a WF display. Super easy to install and basically zero support ever if you do it right.)

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