Uv, sea_level_pressure in hourly forecast?

When you open the documentation for /better_forecast, the sample json shows hourly forecast JSON including sea_level_pressure and uv. But when you actually request this URL for an authorized Tempest station, neither is present.

I’m assuming this is just a documentation error. But I would really love to get UV or Lux (and pressure but that’s less critical) in the hourly forecast — so wanted to ask if maybe there is a bug at work and these values should be present? If not — a feature request to add them!

Thanks …

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This is a question for @corrineb but it might take a few before she hops in. There is some nasty weather going to Florida right now. They are a bit busy. :cyclone:

understood! :smiley: thanks and look forward to her response when things settle down.

I would go up to the top of the screen here and click on Support and open a ticket, Tempest staff are only occasionally in and out of here.

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FWIW, @eric tagged the WF staff member responsible for the area of concern.

I just heard back from support and apparently this was an API bug — the uv and pressure data should re-appear in the data by mid next-week. Thanks all!

As mentioned by Sean1, the issue was identified and a fix will be applied next week. There is some coding to do and before it will be applied to the life feed, it will be tested.

We try to avoid breaking things when resolving the original problem as much as we can. :sunglasses:

If you are not in a critical situation by this bug, thanks for your patience. If it poses a real major problem, please open a ticket with support and your case will be looked into individually.

Thanks for bringing the issue up and your patience for the fix.


I see the hourly forecast UV data is not missing anymore. However, the numbers are far lower than other forecasts or the actual values reported.