Visibility into & Control of Continuous Learning Processes

Interesting. I think CL for Pressure uses the ASOS/AWOSs at the airports for references.

Please do add this feature!

I know this is off topic and I’ve tormented y’all’s souls on this but I really do believe that if WF could formulate RH CL to only use weather stations with scientific grade humidity sensors (ASOS, AWOS, Oklahoma Mesonet, etc.) and not PWSs that utilizes Sensirion and other low cost sensors (many are not in calibration right out of the box). I really do believe doing this would vastly improve RH CL. Even if a Tempest station isn’t close enough to a scientific grade station, the humidity sensor should work just fine for a few years at least since WF handles and mounts the Sensirion sensor correctly.

This is what climate chambers are for.