Wfpiconsole update failing

Trying to update my Rpi to latest wfpiconsole. Updated the os to latest version (bookworm).

[i] Installing Python virtual environment… already exists

[i] Updating WeatherFlow PiConsole Python modules…
[✗] Updating Python package manager
Error: Unable to update Python package manager: pip

/home/pi/wfpiconsole/venv/bin/python3: No module named pip

Sorry you have run into issues. Can you run the following command:

rm -rf /home/pi/wfpiconsole/

and then run the installer again: curl -sSL | bash

If it doesn’t work, can you share everything that is printed to the terminal from the start of the installer script. Thanks!

Will that delete all my settings and data?

Yes it will. If you don’t want to setup again, keep a copy of the wfpiconsole.ini file

[✓] Installing Python module certifi

[i] Kivy Python library installation check (will be installed)
[✗] Installing Kivy Python library
Error: Unable to install Kivy Python library

Looking in indexes: Simple index, piwheels - Simple index
Collecting kivy==2.2.0 (from kivy[base]==2.2.0)
Downloading (23.8 MB)
━━━╸ 2.2/23.8 MB 88.0 kB/s eta 0:04:06
ERROR: THESE PACKAGES DO NOT MATCH THE HASHES FROM THE REQUIREMENTS FILE. If you have updated the package versions, please update the hashes. Otherwise, examine the package contents carefully; someone may have tampered with them.
kivy==2.2.0 from (from kivy[base]==2.2.0):
Expected sha256 95f3d1170bc3fcc8ca860a76c44f2d53714805830744150b0a22e2b425c7e988
Got 43c54bd6c500eb9bd7c97e654fdb0fa7208f6c644c3907e62ed9751f3bcab42d

Can you share all the output to the terminal. Not just the bit where the error occurs. Thanks!

I ran the curl command again. This time it completed.

I am running through the configuration now.

[INFO ] [Factory ] 190 symbols loaded
[INFO ] [Image ] Providers: img_tex, img_dds, img_sdl2, img_pil (img_ffpyplayer ignored)
[INFO ] [Window ] Provider: sdl2([‘window_egl_rpi’] ignored)
[INFO ] [GL ] Using the “OpenGL ES 2” graphics system
[INFO ] [GL ] Backend used
[INFO ] [GL ] OpenGL version <b’4.5 (Compatibility Profile) Mesa 22.3.6’>
[INFO ] [GL ] OpenGL vendor <b’Mesa/’>
[INFO ] [GL ] OpenGL renderer <b’llvmpipe (LLVM 15.0.6, 128 bits)‘>
[INFO ] [GL ] OpenGL parsed version: 4, 5
[INFO ] [GL ] Shading version <b’4.50’>
[INFO ] [GL ] Texture max size <16384>
[INFO ] [GL ] Texture max units <32>
[INFO ] [Window ] auto add sdl2 input provider
[INFO ] [Window ] virtual keyboard not allowed, single mode, not docked
[INFO ] [Text ] Provider: sdl2([‘text_pango’] ignored)
[INFO ] [GL ] NPOT texture support is available
Unable to connect to X server
[INFO ] [ProbeSysfs ] device match: /dev/input/event0
[INFO ] [HIDInput ] Read event from </dev/input/event0>
[INFO ] [Base ] Start application main loop
[INFO ] [UDP ] 2023-11-01 11:09:46 - Opening socket
[INFO ] [HIDMotionEvent] using
[INFO ] [HIDMotionEvent] range ABS X position is 0 - 799
[INFO ] [HIDMotionEvent] range ABS Y position is 0 - 479
[INFO ] [UDP ] 2023-11-01 11:09:46 - Socket open
[INFO ] [HIDMotionEvent] range position X is 0 - 799
[INFO ] [HIDMotionEvent] range position Y is 0 - 479

I assume you are seeing nothing on the screen? This error seems to be happening for some people and not others:

You can see more here: "Unable to connect to X server" - #4 by fritz614

I would suggest either trying again by re-flashing your SD card. Or downgrade to the Bullseye version. Sorry for the hassle, but it is something wrong with the latest version of Raspberry Pi OS