Why is the API returning different observations data?

We have 9 Tempest Weather Systems, and recently two of them started returning less observation data via the API, which is breaking our app. Why did this suddenly happen?

Two are only returning:

observations: {
  "lightning_strike_count": 0,
  "lightning_strike_count_last_1hr": 0,
  "lightning_strike_count_last_3hr": 0,
  "lightning_strike_last_distance": 16,
  "lightning_strike_last_epoch": 1699266866,
  "precip": 0.0,
  "precip_accum_last_1hr": 0.0,
  "precip_accum_local_day": 1.898181,
  "precip_accum_local_day_final": 5.529569,
  "precip_accum_local_yesterday": 9.126079,
  "precip_accum_local_yesterday_final": 10.499008,
  "precip_analysis_type_yesterday": 1,
  "precip_minutes_local_day": 46,
  "precip_minutes_local_yesterday": 198,
  "precip_minutes_local_yesterday_final": 198,
  "pressure_trend": "unknown",
  "timestamp": 1699294467,
  "current_conditions": "Thunderstorms Likely",
  "conditions_icon": "thunderstorm",
  "wind_direction_cardinal": "S"

And the other seven are returning:

observations: {
  "air_density": 1.21734,
  "air_temperature": 11.9,
  "barometric_pressure": 996.1,
  "brightness": 22138,
  "delta_t": 0.9,
  "dew_point": 10.3,
  "feels_like": 11.9,
  "heat_index": 11.9,
  "lightning_strike_count": 0,
  "lightning_strike_count_last_1hr": 0,
  "lightning_strike_count_last_3hr": 0,
  "lightning_strike_last_distance": 37,
  "lightning_strike_last_epoch": 1699267254,
  "precip": 0.0,
  "precip_accum_last_1hr": 2.544944,
  "precip_accum_local_day": 34.034613,
  "precip_accum_local_day_final": 20.801257,
  "precip_accum_local_yesterday": 23.679448,
  "precip_accum_local_yesterday_final": 15.910016,
  "precip_analysis_type_yesterday": 1,
  "precip_minutes_local_day": 354,
  "precip_minutes_local_yesterday": 353,
  "precip_minutes_local_yesterday_final": 353,
  "pressure_trend": "steady",
  "relative_humidity": 90,
  "sea_level_pressure": 1002.0,
  "solar_radiation": 185,
  "station_pressure": 996.1,
  "timestamp": 1699294487,
  "uv": 0.97,
  "wet_bulb_globe_temperature": 11.6,
  "wet_bulb_temperature": 11.0,
  "wind_avg": 4.9,
  "wind_chill": 11.9,
  "wind_direction": 209,
  "wind_gust": 6.4,
  "wind_lull": 3.2,
  "current_conditions": "Thunderstorms Possible",
  "conditions_icon": "possibly-thunderstorm-day",
  "wind_direction_cardinal": "SSW"

What would cause two of them to suddenly not have the same data? Why are the properties missing? They are the exact same weather stations…

I’m calling this endpoint:

observation_response = requests.get(

I think I figured it out… I found where on the Tempest app you can see errors, and they both are showing this for Sensor Status:

Kind of crazy to already have these issues, and our Oregon Coast stormy winter hasn’t even started yet.

Power cycle them and if the sensor failures return, open a support ticket using the link in the menu above.

Fire the developer that wrote the application and get a programmer that knows about error handling.


He does exist!!!
Welcome back, Gary!


Glad to see you again Gary (hello from David btw). Hope all is fine with you.

That and Tempest could use better hardware that can actually, like, hold up outside?