Wind gain setting

This would be a useful feature in areas where the readings are lower due to placement.
Ambient weather has it and it can be useful.

What is it?

A user adjustable setting which is a numerical value from 0 to 5 with two decimal places.

For example if set to 0 (default) and there is a 10 mph wind indicated and blowing (eg. wind tunnel test) the unit would display approximately 10 mph. If a setting of 1.35 was chosen, the displayed wind would be 14 mph (13.5 rounded).

that quickly becomes kind of useless. Local influences depend greatly on height, direction and speed itself. It wouldn’t be a simple factor.

Definitely not useless!
It’s a feature not a requirement.
I see a HUGE difference between anemometer height and if there was a gain function the numbers would be closer to actual above ground winds. Most complaints are from (indicated) wind speeds too low.

Too bad the (Tempest) unit has proven to be completely unreliable for professional installation on towers. Even there if one wants more accuracy they have to buy ANOTHER unit and only use the tower mounted one for wind speed/direction, lightning, and UV.

I wanted to do this but given said failures it’s simply not happening.

Let me not even start with rain which should have this feature which would have to be zero centered as the majority of users would be trimming the results.

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Windspeeds are measured at the height of the unit, where they should be correct. If you want to calculate the wind from that at 10m height, it is more complicated than just a multiplication. You just will get an incorrect result. If you prefer an incorrect value at 10m or a correct value at the height you placed the unit, be my guest. Most installation aren’t even in a free field so it won’t be correct even if you could extrapolate the wind to the wind at 10m height.

Neither would be correct, but they would be closer to real.
I’ve had this unit right next to a Vaisala and for the most part I’d say it’s within 3-5% over a range from 3-18 mph which was the allowance for the wind tunnel. It’s a consumer device not a scientific instrument but at least we know where it stands.

All this changes when mounted in the field. What I’m saying in general is if adjustments were possible, overall the reported speeds would be closer to actual.

No, the reported speed IS already the actual speed… at that position. If you want to get the same value as from some remote weather station, just don’t look at the tempest and look at the remote station.

The point of all this is to have the station VALUE actually be closer to the real wind speed at a correct, non shadow position.

Of course when there’s rain, insects near the gap, et al, everything just goes out the window. No amount of adjustments nor Ai manipulandum is going to fix that! :wink:

I don’t need to look at other Tempest values as I have a proper anemometer at sufficent height. The issue is there’s no real time reading from a phone (convenience).

Next time I’m up, up and away, I just may have to mount both a TEMPEST and WMT700 next to each other. Have to wire it up though as the range is too short for such a location!

That looks like real fun :-). (no sarcasm intended)

perhaps it is better to invest in a way to get your good data from your WMT700 available on your phone. Seems to me like a better route to try.

I can pretty confidently say that this will not get implemented. The reality is, the reading the Tempest is giving is the actual wind speed. Providing the ability to do this is just giving the user the ability to arbitrarily concoct a number that they want to see.

FYI… you can contact support and ask them to adjust the wind factor and it’ll do almost exactly what you want…but they will push back pretty hard. They do not want to do this, I’ve asked.