2 Air units: One detecting lightning other not

Hey all…

Seems like the Air is reading Temp fairly well. However, One of my Air’s doesn’t seem to be picking up Lightning. The storms the past two days have been exactly the same distance from the Airs. Attached is the X’s of my two locations. Stations 4812 and 4817

TIA Image-1-2

and if you turn the not detecting air 90° around ??? Sometimes the ‘antenna’s’ are not identical inside and turning the air in steps of 90° gets it going again.

I aspect eric means AIR in stead of Hub…

good catch

Since day one I tend to mix both names, not sure how I will finally stop doing so lol

thanks and post corrected.


Ah …hadn’t thought of that. I actually moved it from a spot that was reading to high of a temp…to a more ventilated. I suspect it was turned some …not sure how much. It actually picked up 5 strikes in 3 hours…, however it’s brother to the North picked up 140 in 3 hours