2nd AIR for monitoring indoor temperature?

In absence of a definitive release date for the BREATHE, I need to monitor the indoor temperature at my cabin. Can a 2nd AIR be used? Are there any technical reasons why one should not to use an AIR for monitoring indoor temperature?

Thanks in advance.

Sure, you can use a 2nd Air for this purpose. Make sure when setting it up, you set it for ‘indoor’ use.


I have one inside the house, works like a charm. But if you have two, better disable the lightning detection on the indoor unit, most probably many local electric devices will trigger it …

Is it possible to buy just a second AIR unit though, or do you have to buy a whole second station?

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good question, in any case not possible via the shop right now

@anon84912554 : if someone wants to buy just a part ??? How does he proceed, a ticket or mail to support ???

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AIR works great as an additional indoor monitor for things like wine cellars, kids rooms, etc. WF currently has limited inventory of AIRs a-la-carte. We don’t advertise it for direct purchase on our ecommerce site shop.weatherflow.com just yet. If you want to purchase an extra AIR, email us at support@weatherflow.com. Cheers.


Received my second Air today, so finally all set up outdoors as I had intended to do with the original one :slight_smile: So glad you had some spare European frequency ones left! - massive thanks to all at WF, as usual :smiley:


Surprised these have been discontinued as an add-on option for the Tempest, or even additional for the older system. Any updates?

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I bought an extra WF-AIR01 back in December 2020 and use it for my Basement Weather Center. I did, however, Disable the Lightning Detection because down in the basement. . .it picks up too much RFI (RadioFrequencyInterference). . showing false strikes. . .which has no value for me.

I wanted to buy an additional AIR to use in my house as you actually suggested, unfortunately I’m aware that there are no more AIR units for sale, so are there any third party temperature sensors that “talk” to the HUB and I can add to the app so I can view the temperature using my iOS device? An example would be something like the Shelly H&T sensor but one that integrates with weatherflow/tempest hub.

I did see an additional thread on building your own unit but it didn’t appear that they can join the home network.