32 GB Amazon Fire Warning message: Low Storage

I own two Amazon Fire HD 32 GB tablets, an 8" and a 10 " unit. I’ve enabled both with Google Play Store and have installed the Tempest Android app on both. This worked fine for several months, but I’m now seeing warnings of Low Storage. The only thing I use both tablets for is a Tempest weather display. I have not installed other apps or downloaded other files.
I would welcome any suggestions on how to resolve this. I did install a microSD memory card on one unit. But am seeing a message indicating the apps on the Fire can’t be moved to the external storage.
I’m hoping I don’t have to go back and buy a pair of 64 GB units.

This shows memory usage on both Fire 32 GB tablets.

I have been using the CCleaner app on my Android devices as well as on PCs for MANY years. It used to called crap cleaner until people started becoming offended by everything. I have found it to be safe when using default settings. To my knowledge, it has never deleted anything of value. I used it for years for free but now pay for advanced features after becoming totally confident in it & desired to reward them for an excellent product. This, of course is just my personal experience. It may be that data is being stored on your devices that is not needed for operation. Research it & use at your own discretion. It works for me like a charm.

If you don’t change anything, why worry about them complaining about storage ? I’ve found that the autoupdates on my fire8 are a bit annoying anyway. It works for what I use it for, so I’d prefer freezing its configuration.

Mine shows 7.8 free out of 11.4 capacity so I must have a 16GB Fire if that helps any.

I think that you can tap on the System bar and drill down for details about what is gobbling up the space, flush app caches, etc.

I’ve never seen any of my 24/7 Fire tablets ever run out of storage, and one of them is 7+ years old…

Thanks much for the suggestions. I took the brute force approach and did a hard reset of the tablet that was 98 % full and then did a reinstall of the Google Store function. I’m again able to load the Tempest app. The tablet now shows 17 % full. I did try to drill down on the System file, but it just shows ‘System includes files used to run FireOS’. For some reason the System file seems to grow dramatically over time, eventually consuming all of the tablet memory.

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