99% Relative Humidity

Has anyone experienced their humidity only reaches 99%???

Yes i know not all the time 100% is expected. But in dense fog and rain 99% cap on the tempest.

I used to get 100% Not the last 10 rain/fog events 99%

I check nearby stations seems 99% for everyone on tempest.

Check your station and see when the last 100% relative humidity has happened.

Something has changed

My station hit 100% humidity yesterday morning at 9am.

One of my Tempest° devices hit 100% RH on the morning of the 31st of December. . .while the other two only maxed out at 99%.

This helps to explain the process. The Air was a previous model.

Somewhat related to this, my area had an extended period of extensive foggy conditions, but, my Tempest never went above 96% for the RH. I contacted support and they have adjusted the RH calibration (there was an issue with the most recently applied calibration). I am pretty sure I would not have been concerned about a 99% cap (My Davis never goes above 99%), but, 96% was significant enough for me to care. As always, support was very helpful with the issue.