Access one station with differnt accounts and related thoughts

I just setted up my 2 Stations.
Later plan is to set up one at my parents in a different part of Germany.
Hence, I first started to set both up in different accounts at WF.
As actually for comparing and later for interest :wink: I wanted to have both stations accessible from my account.
For that, I added the first station as well within my app (actually different accounts on different devices’ apps).
i was a little surprised as, without any signaling and confirming, the station disapeered from the first account (first ID 5011, now 5014) …

How do I manage to see data from a shared station within different accounted app?
As well I wanted to give the ability to see the data to my mother / wife but only as a share… no modifications possible or at least only for themselves.

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And additionally
How do I get the 5014s components back to the 5011?

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If you have them now in the same location, you need to unplug one of them. If you both Hubs active then the application will try to connect to both of them.

You may need to reset all the devices and start over.

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Actually the switching does quite well es I have them located the hubs about 3 m next to each other and the airs and skys even on this range…
So do you mean to get the first one back to 5011 or in general ?

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When you configure the Hub only have one online.

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Do you think I have to delete (how Would I do) the Station 5011 or even all ?
Do you have some information on the underlying process ? Might @WFmarketing have any link ?
Actually it seems both are working properly within the second account ?

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If you have both stations on the same account, then you will want to remove one.

First, delete the Air and Sky from the station, then delete the Hub.

Now reset the Air, Sky and Hub.

Disconnect the other Hub, login to the second account and now setup the Hub and devices

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An account (by virtue of WF username / password) can have multiple WF stations. This allows the user to log into the Smart Weather Apps and quickly toggle between stations. For example: toggle between your home station and the station at your fancy beach house from the same login. Each station will have a unique station ID even if associated with the same account.

At each physical location, you only need one HUB (=one station ID). The HUB can power up to ~20 sensor devices. If you feel the need to run two HUBs at the same location, make sure to temporarily unplug one of the HUBs while configuring the other to avoid network conflict / confusion.

It gets tricky when trying to authenticate with external services. To gain access to display your data, the external services first need to authorize access – you enter your WF username / password. If you have multiple station attached to the same username…this is where it gets tricky. Would need to know more details to consult on expectations.

Hope that helps.


ooohhh - that is really a bad design…

What network conflict/confusion might arise ? Please don’t tell us you used the same MAC address on all Hub units…

Not really. It’s just the nature of the beast. This project was not designed to have two Hubs at one location. At most it’s just an inconvenience.

I’d be willing to bet that in the future this will be addressed as time permits.

Have faith @vinceskahan. This behavior is a security feature. The HUB and sensor devices are designed to be monogamous so that your neighbor cannot connect to you SKY. Once a sensor device (AIR, SKY, another AIR, etc) gets associated to a HUB, they are assigned to that HUB and no longer eligible bachelors. While in setup mode, the sensor device will broadcast as eligible to seeking HUBs. If two HUBs are located in the same physical area (not a common thing as one location should only need one HUB) there can be competition to connect.


The issue is more on the Bluetooth side, since the app does not have a way for the user to select which Hub it should connect to in a shared airspace. You need to power one down or move it out of range for a few minutes to program a new Hub…


What about more family houses … my neighbor will also be interested to by a WF SWS…

If I interpret this correctly, after Setup a parallel operation is save.?

This is what I figured out.

How about sharing one station between two accounts, maybe with different display options an access rights ?

I should have written: This project was not designed with the thought of having two Hubs at one location. Remember, this was intended as a US only.

If your neighbor is so close that Bluetooth travels to him… well. I’m sorry.


Well, even within the US there are cities with more then one habitant per square kilometer :wink: or mile :wink: :sunglasses:

Yes, that’s why Bluetooth has a very short range.

While @GaryFunk is quite correct in the above statement that it was not designed to be necessary to have multiple Hubs at one location (as a single Hub can support multiple sensors), it should be noted that it is, indeed, possible to have multiple Hubs at one location. I am certain that WeatherFlow has numerous Hubs setup in one location. I have three Hubs all working properly and as shown in this picture, they are rather near each other.


And me thinking mine were pretty close (50 cm) and could create interference … :joy:


The only issue I have had with multiple Hubs is when setting up devices.

After thinking about this I do wonder how WeatherFlow handles this at the office.