Adding my Tempest weather station to Wind alert

Hello, I have been looking around the Wind Alert app and I don’t see an option to be able to add my Tempest0225 station to WindAlert.

Any help will be appreciated.


Hello Adrian

this is not something you can do (nor me btw). This is done at a complete other level and only after your station has some history.

Also you have to zoom in pretty close to see all the stations, some are highlighted on higher levels of zoom. Try to zoom in as far as you can to be sure your station isn’t on the map and if not, well, be patient. It will show up at some point of time.

Hi Adrian,
My guess is that it is important that your Tempest is high in clear air to report accurate winds. That way windalert will want to use your station.
For more information see this page.

cheers Ian :slight_smile: