AIR Power Supply Voltage Operating Range

Hello, can someone tell me (from the WF team), how much tension the WF Air tolerates? I would like to operate this with a power supply that outputs 6V voltage.
Thank you

I’m curious, what do you mean by “tension?”

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Hello Gery,
4 batteries with 1.5 volts each come into the AIR. These deliver according to app ~3.28 volts. I want to use a power supply that delivers 6 volts. Is the tension regulated by AIR or can AIR break?


I understand what you are asking. That’s a good question. The internal power source for the Air is most likely 3.3 volts. As for the input voltage range, we will have to wait until David answers. It’s possible 6 volts won’t burn it up.

You can always add a circuit to lower the voltage to 3.3v.

Here is an example.

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Okay, thanks for the answer. If there is a reliable answer from David, it would make sense to complete the technical data.
Please give me an answer from David here, so that I can use the power supply as soon as possible. This is necessary because I have problems with batteries and they don’t last long.

The operating range for AIR is 2.4 to 3.6 V. A 6V supply will likely fry it.

@juergen.goller, if you’re using the recommended Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries in your AIR, you should get at least a year of operation.


I grok what he’s asking. VOLTAGE, like we’d refer to “High Tension Lines”. I’d probably recommend a 3.0v small linear voltage regulator. Very low current so probably not require much “heat sinking”.

I think almost any 3.3 volt regulator will work. A quick Internet search will give him hundreds of links at which to look.

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Or a $7, wide input voltage, 3VDC 250mA PSA.

Or $1.39 regulator and and one USB supply.

Depending on how long the Air is from the power source it may be better to supply a higher voltgage and have a regulator at the Air location. 3.3v will suffer a drop on a long distance.

Thus topic has given me the idea to run 12v to the Air and Sky and then supply 3.3v to the devices. Solves the issue with batteries permanently.

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For what it’s worth, my Air has been running for almost 11 months now on the same bulk lithium batteries. The voltage started out at 3.52V, and is right now reading 3.41V. Given the battery drop that I have observed over time with other devices using these lithium AA batteries under heavier loads, I’m not expecting to need a battery replacement for a few more years…

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Thanks for all the answers. Unfortunately, it is with me that I have used within 2 months the 2nd set of batteries (recommended lithium battery). Now I have ordered voltage regulator and will try it with this.

Hello @juergen.goller

Weird your hub is so power consuming. We are quite a lot to have one and running it for longer periods without any issue.

I would recommend you to contact the team directly so they can have a detailed look at your hub and assist you directly.

It’s not normal for the Air to use batteries. Either the batteries were bad or there is a hardware issue. As Eric stated, contact support and have them investigate

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Such a short lifespan using the recommended batteries (assuming they were inserted correctly) definitely indicates an issue with the AIR itself. We have seen a handful of units that “run hot” because of a short on the circuit board. Please open a ticket here and we’ll get you a replacement ASAP: