Air Quality - PM2.5/10

Can you please add outdoor air quality monitoring for PM 2.5 and PM 10 at least as an option for your excellent Tempest Weatherflow Station. In BC we encounter annual forest fire haze each fire season - it would be very helpful to add this additional monitoring capability to the Tempest station.

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The Tempest doesn’t have such a sensor, so this one seems pretty unlikely

(hint - you should vote for your feature requests)

This was on WeatherFlow’s roadmap from day one, but was dropped IIRC because other companies entered that market segment and there was no opportunity to disrupt them.

I believe that WF-T has a new partnership with an AQI product, maybe Purple Air? Check their web sites for details…

There is a thread about the Purple Air possibility of being incorporated into Tempest’s display or stats.

There was an offer from Purple Air/Tempest for a discount on a Tempest purchase since there was supposed to be some kind of “merger” of data. That is what got me to purchase the Tempest. I don’t know when it was suppse to happen.

So, I am waiting…

Here’s the thread

Here’s the companion thread I started on the Purple Air forum:


It appears that neither company wants to address this issue at the moment.