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I’m only missing the data from my Tempest on my Samsung Galaxy Gear S3. I know it does not have an Android OS but Tizen, but still would love to see an app - or possibly a Watchface - with the Tempest data of my station.


I join with a request for Tizen,
and not only for my Galaxy Watch 3, but also for the Galaxy Active Fit 2 series.

Would love to see a notification/app so I can read my Weatherflow stats on my Samsung Galaxy watch.
Maybe just an ongoing notification?

Thanks for considering it.

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I join with a request for Tizen - Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Active Fit 2 etc…

Unfortunately, I can no longer vote, I have no votes left

good idea, I don’t have an android watch but a garmin watch. Its api seems easy enough to implement something for weatherflow, but I didn’t do that… yet.

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Me either… but it IS on my ToDo list… :smiley:

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What data? Also, I’d hope you’d be willing to use the smartphone app to configure the app, e.g. enter API keys.

I have not messed about with the “app” stuff for Tizen, only watch faces, but for someone like me who frequently develops HTML + Javascript web applications, the Tizen “web app” programming model is straightforward – it’s easy to make a basic Tizen app that’s also a fully functional web application. Of course I have not played with the networking stuff and Tizen adds complexity when the watch only has network access through Bluetooth + phone, and more complexity if you want an app to periodically refresh data in the background so that what the app displays is more current when accessed infrequently.

I wouldn’t expect Weatherflow to bother offering this, what with Samsung appearing to be abandoning Tizen for watches (the new Android partnership & new watchs running Android). :frowning:

I do realize this is fairly niche, but it was a bit disappointing when we bought our new kitchen appliances and I found that the Android OS it runs is actually a Samsung proprietary, Tizen. I would like to see the current Android app be ported over to Tizen to be available for smart refrigerators.

moved your request in here as it is same, don’t forget to vote.

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Will you be making an app for the Samsung watch like the iOS one you are coming out with shortly?


Jeff Worthington

You can vote on that feature request here! Thanks!


It would be great to have a Tempest Watch face for Android watches like the one for Apple Watch.


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Would like this implemented.

So I read that the Apple Watch has an app for the rich.
How about Android users getting the app on watches pulease


Agreed! WearOS app/watch face/complications would be a GREAT add!!! Please? (Yes, I voted!)