[App] Add lunar calendar (or representative lunar icon)

Lunar calendar could be a “card” or a more pictographic representation could be used on the forecast for nighttime.
A lunar calendar is a surprisingly popular feature in my house (and on my accurite base). I know the info could be gathered from another app but it seems complimentary that it is with the weather station.

Title says it all. It would be good info to have and probably not hard to include.

can we tether this with - [App] Add lunar calendar (or representative lunar icon) and combine the votes? They really are complimentary.

Not sure how to do this

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Hi all - just installed my Tempest here in New Zealand and loving it.

It would be great to see the moon phase on the app alongside the sunrise and sunset icons, and if you’re on a roll then then the local high and low tide times. What was interesting was it was a clear sky last night and the moon was generating 3 lux.

Are you really wanting to create a new feature request for something so similar to the one you linked? This will take away from the vote which might otherwise go to the original request.

luckily nobody voted for this one, not even Jeffrey himself :wink:

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Sorry for my confusion.

Moon phases displayed in the app

I moved your post to this existing topic. If you haven’t voted, vote for this topic to support your request.

A nice-to-have would be an icon somewhere on the forecast page showing the phase of the moon. It could even be an accurate representation of the moon phase on the night-time hours of the forecast. That would be really neat!

Hi @zachsmail2925 ,
I moved your post here which includes your request and where there are many votes already. And you could vote for it if you have votes left.
cheers Ian :slight_smile: