[App] Android Widgets (Completed)

I would surely be happy with an Android widget also. :+1:

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I too would like an Android ,widget. Station selectable with maybe 3 or 4 “tiles” that can be assigned whatever Tempest variable you want. Having it be also available as the lpckscreen o
Would be good too.

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Could you please develop a widget for the Android platform that would outline the main climate data? I’m thinking that I’d prefer my own local data as opposed to the forecast data.

vote for the already existing topic might have more impact :wink:

Done, thanks for the heads up

Actually a set of Android widgets of different sizes.
My “prototype” would be the NOAA app.

Another vote here for a widget…now that Apple Finally has widgets, I would think this would have driven the demand a little quicker. I’m on Android and miss using weather widgets to the point where I have now reinstalled another weather app just to have a quick glance. My Tempest is more accurate, but if I had something from Tempest I would be super happy…especially if we could customize its size, and tiles such that we could have multiple display options (current weather, forecast, pressure, etc). And while I’m at it, where is the option to display the current temp in the status bar?


Beautiful Widgets - which provided my clock and weather widgets for over a decade, seems to finally be broken in Android 11 (don’t display the graphics anymore) and, the developer stopped updating 5 years ago.

I replaced these widgets with The Weather Channel ones right before getting a Tempest. I would really prefer Tempest data here.

Ideally, I’d like a 4x1 Clock Widget that had the time, date, current conditions and temp.

I’d like another say, 4x2 or 4x3 widget etc, that had the full forecast, hourly for the next few hours, and the next few days forecast etc.

The more customization the better imho. Skins, themes, fonts, and the ability to turn off/on elements would be amazing. I was very surprised to find no widget whatsoever with this app.

Me too, yes I voted. Then I can remove the widget for another app that I have on the home screen.

Thanks everyone who voted on this feature request. Android widgets are very popular with our users and we’re excited to let you all know our developer team is working on home screen widgets for the next major app update.

When we have further news to share, we will post an update in #announcements


I’m new here, great to see WeatherFlow is working on a Tempest widget for Android. What I really want is to be able to see myTempest weather station data on my smart phones status bar. Some may want the temperature listed in the status bar, others like me may want to see the wind speed & direction listed in the status bar.

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