iOS (4.08) and Android (4.14) Apps Released

Updated iOS and Android Tempest apps are rolling out now! When you update to the latest version you may notice that the apps are now called Tempest Weather and have a refreshed app icon. Also, we made getting to the card view from the better forecast screen even easier. Just tap anywhere in the blue box on the better forecast screen and you can view your station details.


Was really looking forward to new iOS 14 widget to place on Home Screen. Is this on your roadmap?


Love that blue area tap feature. Very nice!

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The detail graphs seam snappier to load them up now. Nice.

Who do I pay to get a dark mode + a widget on android? :smiley:

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Yes pleaseee… Dark mode and a widget would be great!

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The forecast icon isn’t showing up on the card display on Android.

It does show on my iPad.

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Looks like she took away the icon in the upper right (where you have the red " ? " . . . and replaced it with the Left-pointing arrow in the upper left corner of your image above.

Yes, the arrow does work that way but as I stated, the icon is still there on the iOS version.

Patiently waiting for the app to take advantage of IOS 14 and implement widgets.

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+1 widgets would be great!

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@gizmoev. Thanks for the report! We are on it!

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+1 for iOS 14 widgets from me too!

They are definitely on our roadmap. No eta on release, but they are on our radar.


Day one of setting up my Tempest. Enjoying it, thanks. Looking at the main screen, it shows sunrise/sunset, it looks like maybe there would be room, but could length of day be slipped in there? Here in Alaska is something we follow.
Thanks again. Scott


Hi @shapbell! Glad to hear that you are up and running with Tempest. Thanks for suggesting length of day for the app. I can see how that would be a handy feature to have in Alaska! It is on our roadmap to add additional solunar metrics to the app, but currently, there is no eta for implementation.

Good to hear Corrin. Thanks for the info.

Is there a way that you could make the notification bar information customizable? As a sailor I would really like to see wind direction as well as strength.