Coming Soon: New & Improved Tempest App

Out With the Blue and in With the New :purple_heart:

We are excited to announce a long awaited update to the Tempest mobile apps which will be available for download early next week, July 11th. The web app will also be updated. Thanks to everyone who submitted feedback and helped beta test.

A new theme, dark mode, iOS & Android widgets, Apple Watch compatibility, and Weather Anywhere, check out the app updates Tempest has in store and let us know what you think.


Great news. Any news/update on being able to show select Tempest data in the status bar?


When is being released for download. What improvements

Release date is in the announcement.

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So the week of July 11th. From July 11th thru July 18th. Am excited to see the improvements

Is there a Tempest upgrade coming this week?

I think you refer to this announcement about an update to our application for the Tempest.

Possibly…I received a notification but now I couldn’t find it and wasn’t sure about the date

omg the new update is in. Horrible. They didn’t add any new features just changed the background color. WTF?? Really?


The new color scheme reminds me of OneNote from Microsoft :laughing: :laughing:

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Definitely not a fan of the purple, but I guess we’ll get use to it. However, I do like the Weather Anywhere feature.


Dark mode looks great, will be my default mode.


Any chance of more widgets in the future? Perhaps a 5x2 with the current time as well. That would replace my current time/weather widget quite nicely

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Geez, no love for the iPad!?

Nice update. I like the widgets and the light/dark mode! A few quick observations:

Are the forecast and station widgets supposed to allow the selection of current location or another custom location? I’m only able to select the location of my own station and nothing else. I did give the location access for the widgets when prompted.

The station widgets mix in what looks like a precipitation and high/low temperature forecasts. It’d be nice if these were instead observed precipitation and high/low temperature for the current day. I wouldn’t be against adding two widgets to see my “live” observations and the type of forecast (hourly or daily) that I’m interested in.

I tried adding a custom location using the map for my parents house and noticed what seems like a bug. If I position the marker on their house and save without changing the name of the location, it shows a temperature that is in line with the two Tempest stations in their neighborhood (they’re on the coast, so it’s typically cooler in their immediate inland than a few miles inland). If I position the marker on their house and save with a different name, it’s showing a temperature much higher than I would expect for their immediate location–it doesn’t even match nearby inland temperatures, but appears to be the similar to the temperature my station/current location. I’m not sure if it’s using a temperature for the center point of their township or something completely different.

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For the forecast widgets you can select additional locations you add in the app, but the station widgets only allow locations where you are the station owner.

I’ll look into the station widget precip and high low, I believe I already have it set to look at your current observation instead of the forecasted value. I will double check in the morning and get back to you. Definitely a good suggestion.

That’s interesting about the adding location issue. I’ll look into it. Can you send me the location you are trying to add or an approximate location? You can PM me if you don’t want to share it here.

Has the history page always been there? Maybe I just never tapped on it? 93,924 lightning strikes, eek!

Color scheme will take a little getting used to. I expect it will look normal next week.

Thanks for the widget! I’ve been using @wxkeith 's widget (slightly modified). I added in distance for the last lightning strike (and a couple other pieces of data), since that is a thing in my area. The lightning data wasn’t as useful as I would have liked since it would only update the widget like 5 times/hour. How often, or how many times will this widget update? Does it have the same limitation? I am wondering how current the wind speed/direction will be?

Hello App Developers,

I have been much enjoying my Tempest weather station, it is an awesome product!

However, this new color that is replacing the blue is a terrible choice.

The prior dark blue and white was easily viewable.

This new color scheme is not.

Is there a way to override the web page back to the prior color scheme? The web page Settings control allows for Dark and Light modes, can you add an option for user color preferences?

How can I prevent the new V2 app (on Android) from updating over the current version?

I can’t properly see the text on my weather station web page anymore, can you please help?



And others complained about the blue scheme not being easily viewable.

Hopefully a user selected color scheme will eventually come.


What is Weather Anywhere. Explain. How do u use it

How do u use these new features