New Tempest App in comparison to Smart Weather App

Can you please leave the current app as is for professional weather users and set aside the tempest interface for the different market you are apparently targeting with the tempest system

You have done a commendable perfect job with the current app

There is no need to change nothing as it is perfect

Easy to read at a glance and to monitor

Clean and simple

Focus on data which is what we want in a weather station

The new interface you are showing in way to busy and Impossible to read st a glance

Thank you

Th existing app is as close to perfection as one could want with the rapid fire updates

suprised none of you saw this coming go all the way back to november 2019 newsletter … weatherflow acquired the media brand tempest , dont think anything will change in terms of existing sky/air owners its now a product thats been superseded.not sure but i cant confirm if your sky/air data is interpreted into the forecast it would be a somewhat big mistake if it were to be as the data could be somewhat misleading , be it positioning of the sky/air not meeting specific requirements,standards so i would imagine that would screw up a modelling system if that data was not monitored or were to be used . personally i dont see any changes for existing sky/air users as it quotes you can switch to normal display . think its all positive news and obviously seperating the professional branding of weatherflow is good move .

ps admins dark theme totally unuseable in open daylight on led based devices … good luck but what do we call you now tempest or weatherflow …:upside_down_face::grin:

Have u seen the new app that will be downloaded soon

nope not particularly interested the current app meets my requirements as i only use the air for lightning notifications the rest i have no faith in the data sadly.

The company is WeatherFlow. The product is Smart Weather Station. The brand is Tempest.

This was never WeatherFlow.

Simple logic.

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Are u the one that makes or has a cool weather website

I don’t think it is fair to claim that WeatherFlow are targeting a different market with the Tempest compared to their original Smart Weather Station Air/Sky. Neither have ever been marketed as “professional” level devices. While I am sure you are aware that WeatherFlow does provide professional level technology (TempestOne Professional Weather Solutions | Tempest by WeatherFlow), their Smart Weather Stations are consumer grade devices.

Sorry to say, but you are both missing the point here. The screenshot WeatherFlow shared was of the new forecast view. The original station view is still available according to the original post:

and one of the Tempest beta testers:


Thank you, MikeF. That’s the information I was looking for. Much appreciated!

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When clicking the upper right button is all of the original functionality exactly there?

All data points present

Wind data updates every 3 seconds remotely

Temperature to tenths xx.x

All graphing options

All advanced status options

The email sent yesterday does not address any of this.

Still it is not good to see the app moving from a perfect concise display for Meteorological professionals and weather enthusiasts down to a cluttered hard to read icon overloaded interface where the data points are secondary to frivolous icons.

I hope the original trusted app will still work and the download of the new app can be skipped in the App Store.

I would be willing to pay a monthly fee to keep the professional quality app.

Once things started going down the Tempest route, I finally agreed with what Davis instruments told me when they actually laughed at me on a support call when I compared the weather flow system to their vantage pro. They said I would be lucky to get a 1 year of service out of the WeatherFlow system

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Is it a correct understanding that WeatherFlow will not sell this equipment to a private user but instead owns these stations and sites and maintains them solely by WeatherFlow?

Thanks. That may be a better option to consider where year old Flow Skys are starting to exhibit some issues pointing towards needing a replacement


no idea what your saying perhaps you need a bigger keyboard or learn to check before hitting reply !

to me this makes logic
company(brand) WeatherFlow
product Air
product Sky
product Tempest
product Breathe

is the brand not defined by the company NAME ?

brand LEVIS model 501
brand Adidas model (Samba)
brand Apple model iPhone X
brand Cartier model Santos
brand Davis model Vantage Pro 2

Screenshot at May 13 15-05-20|690x239

Yes, none of that changes.

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Looks like IOS users have to wait for the new app, no preview on Apple.

Agreed. I think the company, WeatherFlow has actually improved and made the product simpler. It’s the same market and much the same product, just made to be easier to install.

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Exactly. That’s why it is actually improper to refer to the Smart Weather Station as “WeatherFlow.”

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I don’t think I’m stepping out of bounds here but for those in a panic over the Tempest app, here is a screen shot of the other screen with a SKY+AIR.

And for those worried about iOS, it is all there, too.

Oh, the app also says it used my station data to improve the forecast. Doesn’t matter which generation of station.

PS: I see there is a screenshot scrolling artifact on the battery voltage card. That is a Samsung created issue not a Tempest app issue.


How about the detailed screens?


@wxlist The detailed screen is still there.


A coworker with an android checked and I logged into the app with my account and these panels are no longer there. The wind also no longer updates every 3 seconds on the home page

How are they accessed then?

Is this what you are asking about?

Also, I am seeing wind update every 3 seconds.