Tempest forecast for Smart Weather Station AIR/SKY in Europe

My current weather should be clear. But tempest app gives cloudy weather most of the time. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

While it’s this outside.

Will keep an eye on it. :blush:

But furthermore i really like the new app.

Got the same problem. Everything was pretty accurate before the new app installed now always getting cloudy (UK).

Also Cloudy again in the forecast. While it’s clear weather outside.

Guaranteed better forecast.
I think when it’s UV 6 outside for example it shouldn’t be cloudy though.

And it uses the weather data from my station. So i think forecast should change.

I here you I have the same issue at times like today it shows partly cloudy yet it is overcast

of course it can be partially cloudy with UV6, but looking at the past satellite imagery, you were very lucky to see UV6. but now in the late afternoon, both you and I should see partially cloudy for the rest of the evening, which is not what is predicted.

It was an example @sunny.
If you see my first post. It was a clear day, but the app gave cloudy.
I mean if the data from the weatherstation is also used, than it should change.

If you have a high solar radiation and a high UV index , without jumping up and down, it should be interpreted as clear weather.
And the large icon should change to clear.

It also changes when it detects rain.

That brings me back to my other post. (Bugs : tempest weather app) This is just a badly designed interface. The sun/clouds are not based on measured data, but taken from the hourly forecast. The interface is a confusing, in my opinion, unwanted mixture of measurement and forecast. This should never have happened for a weather station. It’s even more confusing because, as you noticed yourself, when it starts to rain it immediately reacts by turning the symbol in fully cloudy and rain. Which can be incorrect as well. I don’t like it. All the same info would be much better presented as shown for example in my photoshopped version Tempest app : first experiences

The application is still a work in progress. The issue you are seeing is partially do to what is being sensed.

that was an old bug in the hub I thought. it needs better firmware. From fieldtesters group dsj wrote “Well, @weather34 gets the prize for identifying the first critical bug in the new apps. It seems if you toggle either the lightning sensor on your AIR or the power mode on your SKY, you’ll completely SNAFU your UV readings!”.
I don’t think Peter’s problem is related to bad UV readings.

While the forecasts are live, data ingestion from SWS devices is not yet operational but will be imminently. Also, it will take some time to see forecast improvements. We’re fully confident in the final product but there are some wrinkles that need ironing out before your “guaranteed better forecast” is performing optimally.

We’ll have documentation soon. Thanks!


Hello – If the new forecast app has not been activated – where is the forecast coming from

If it has not been activated why does the app mention at the bottom of the screen that the data has been used to improve my forecast. Btw, what is the 004 to the left of that text supposed to tell me?


@sunny unfortunately UV has never been right in all the SKY units I have had over the last two years ,yes mine runs on power save mode I only use Duracells as energizers are very expensive here and in power save mode they have been running for 6 months or more with little steady decline in voltage probably another two months there drop off and I can buy 8 Duracells for 5 euros energizers are 45-50 euros a pack of 8 !! , I gave my solar panel away to a local friend Mehmet has he is very enthusiastic about having a weather station which I gave him free and he puts it to use rather than sitting in a box however has the old rain issue when winds are high. anyway here is a screenshot taken at identical time comparing the UV from WF and my Davis . anything above 10-10.5 at peak year period is unrealistic and would not expect anything above 9 for this time of year here most days in MAY peak around 8-8.7 not unrealistic figure you see for WF SKY . however that said I no longer actually use it its up on the roof until it dies /fails…I find the lightning feature of the AIR extremely useful . The Davis UV sensor costs alone as much as a SKY /Air Package so I would expect that to work much better under certain circumstances like cloud reflection as Im seeing now outside strong sunlight reflecting off dark clouds .storm is imminent . :slight_smile:
You asked
“Was your snapshot taken some time after the CL was deployed?”

sorry missed that it was taken today just after midday 12ish

I agree, the UV sensor never was very good. A long time ago I got values like 14.7 when the expected value would be more like 5 or 6. The factory calibration was way off. The constant learning algorithm to correct this that weatherflow deployed later on works more or less, but I’m still not convinced it is working properly. Was your snapshot taken some time after the CL was deployed?

i dont know if CL is being used what is CL ? (dont answer :upside_down_face:) i heard the phrase for two years whatever it is and how it works it has never been reliable for me here in istanbul , endless emails in the past but unfortunately out of 6 units received i recall one of those actually producing consistent results over a period of time and that unit i gave to my friend as it seemed more trustworthy than others i have had around.
however im not concerned as above i dont use it for any reference other than you just raised an old issue brought up sometime ago…ps im sure sooner or later this post will get edited or shafted somewhere so apologies if i dont respond

so I’m not the only one who thinks this is an annoying ‘feature’ of this forum.

then surely the CL isn’t doing its job. Ask weatherflow to have a look at it… again

I’m a bit worried because the current forecast isn’t very good. Ingesting SWS data could improve it, but I can’t imaging that it will drastically change and improve enough to make it usefull. Let’s hope I’m mistaken.

Accually I find mine in New Zealand most of the time the forcast is pretty accurate. Cloudy and overcast this morning and app showing full cloud cover. Yesterday sunny and was sunny outside. Rain forecasts have been good a couple of hours out as indicated in the daily hour forcast

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