Better, faster, stronger: The new Smart (Tempest) Weather App is coming soon!

Hello WeatherFlow Community!

During the recent development of the Tempest Weather System, we decided that it was time to create a new visual identity and unite our consumer products under the Tempest brand. For our existing customers, the most notable change will be the new name and updated look of the Smart Weather Station app. When your Smart Weather Station app updates, it will become the Tempest Smart Weather app.

Your Smart Weather Station (AIR & SKY) will continue to function exactly as before, but the app will have some exciting improvements. You will notice a new logo, updated design, and a slightly different user interface. There is also a 10 day forecast that utilizes your weather station data to ensure better accuracy. The new branding and design is intended to showcase the integration of forecast and observational data

Tempest brandJH

A preview of the new app, as well as the new Tempest logo and brand name. To toggle between your station data and your forecast view, click the icon in the top right of your weather screen.

Our team has worked tirelessly to refine and improve the app, and will continue to do so. We hope you will be as pleased with the app as we are! Feel free to reach out to our support team with any thoughts or suggestions.


Team Tempest


This announcement is Riker approved!


Verry excited about the new app. :star_struck::star_struck:

Feel free to open up the beta on Android, most of the apps on my phone a beta’s and always happy to help - especially being non-US based so having little chance to help beta test the hardware!

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How soon will the new app be released? The Tempest unit I ordered was shipped out today and I’m wondering if the new app release will coincide with its arrival?

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As soon as the final bugs are run out of town.

Oh, yours is the first I’ve heard shipping. Still waiting for a shipping notification.

Sounds like good news. Did i misunderstand - Can one try the new app right now ? Has it been applied yet. Am excited. Please help

You can check it out right now. If so, how

Note that Tempest units work fine with the current version of the app (the previous updates to the app added in Tempest functionality as thats what we were using during the field test most of the time).

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The new app isn’t released yet, neither for Android nor for iOS

The images (screenshots) you can see here, are taken from the beta, aka pre-release, version of the app. Some of the community members are already testing the new app, so the release might be close.

I think the announcement as well as the last mailing should aware all users about the changes coming up and first of all the new name. So everybody is informed when the change is going live.
In this sence, I think the go-live of tempest app will need little time and will be announced here again. :wink: @WeatherFlowTeam


dsfg, thank you for providing further clarification about the new app. I’m anxiously awaiting the final release!


Just got the update on my Android. I love it!

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Version 4.0 of the Tempest Smart Weather iOS app was just updated on my phone. That’s great news! Just waiting on the Tempest to arrive now. Thanks for moving things along, folks!

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I like the added forecasting features and the fact the live view remains unchanged. As someone who used the Dark Sky app for years, I have spent the last month looking for a replacement. A lot of them aren’t close to the accuracy (for my location) dark sky was and/or I just don’t like them. The closest one I’ve come across is the new app clyma

Not sure if this belongs here, but are there any plans to add widgets now that forecasting is available? Specifically widgets just like Dark Sky (both data & design wise). These were my goto :slight_smile::


Testing out Clyma, Today Weather, Weather M8, and ClimaCell here. Spent a fortune on weather apps since the DarkSky announcement!

There are many things I miss about DarkSky - the forecast bar in the notifications, the Daily Summary widget, the rain summary, the weather radar. None of those seem to exist in any comparable form in any of the other apps. I’m hoping Clyma will develop further for forecasting outside of my home location (where I will rely on WeatherFl… Tempest (gonna take a while to get that change stuck in my mind :smile:))

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