April 2021: Tempest App Updates

Updated Tempest apps are rolling out for iOS and Android today.

iOS: 4.16 (487)
Android: 4.5.7(145)

This update includes an improved setup experience for new Tempest users along with additional bug fixes and minor performance enhancements.

If you spot any issues let us know!


good evening the improvement to bring and does it also bring on the site or that on application thank you

I’m not sure what you are trying to say. The app update should happen through the respective app store for your platform.

hello thank you what I wanted to clarify is there an improvement on the website also or only on the application

As far as I know, nothing is changed website wise with the updates of the apps. Though there are often small changes under the hood but visually nothing we will notice.

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I can confirm, this round of updates did not include website updates.

good evening thank you

I’m seeing two issues with the recent update (Android):

  1. The forecast tile is no longer displayed in the station view. Was this intentionally removed? It’s still displayed in the iOS app.
  2. Data is no longer updating in the full screen mode. Updates through without issue when not in full screen mode.

Is anyone else seeing these issues?

This was an intentional change. However, we did not time it correctly with the other platforms. The forecast card will be removed from the iOS and Web apps in an upcoming release.

This one is a bug. We will take a look and get this fixed. Thanks for reporting the issue.

That’s disappointing to hear. Any reason?


New updates are always appreciated and Weatherflow is doing a fine job with Tempest - a system I’m very pleased to own and use daily.


It is poor programming practice to make people re-log in after (in my case) the latest iOS update. If you absolutely MUST do this then give plenty of warning. Its not much fun to be without a superb weather reporting system first thing on May 1. My on-line banking app doesn’t do it, so I don’t really see the need for the loss of login credentials over an update.

Hi @tempest6 We agree! Signing users out on app upgrade is not good practice and it is not something we intended to happen with this release. We did not see the behavior in our internal testing or in our beta testing. Can you share what version of iOS you are running so we can investigate this issue further?

Thanks for your positive comments!

I’m using an iPhone 7 running iOS 14.4.2 with 16Gb of 256 Gb available. The Tempest app at this point (after updating) uses 59.7Mb and 7Mb of data.

Thanks for the extra details @tempest6. They will be helpful in us tracking down what is going on. I appreciate your report of the issue.

Resign in here too. iPhone 11 Pro Max, 14.4.2. Android no issues.

Had to reset my password
Iphone se 2020 ios 14.5

I have really liked the addition of the forecast card to the station view. It was a nice, recent improvement that is now gone. Perhaps we can get it back??

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My iOS version shows 4.16 (486) instead of 487. Is that of any consequence?


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I liked that one as well. The grid view with the cards is what I like (much, much more than the default page) and it is nice to see at least some of the forecast data on that view. I too would prefer if it came back @corrineb

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The wind “widget” on iPadOS doesn’t fully show wind speed. Unlike the data for temperature, pressure and rain, the wind data is skewed to the right (rather than flush left), forcing the data to be truncated by an ellipsis.

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