June 2021: Tempest App Updates

Updated Tempest apps are available for iOS, Android and the Web.

Android: 4.6.17(160)
iOS: 4.18(500)

A brief description of updates included in this build is below.

History View Expansion
We have added weekly, monthly, yearly and all time statistics for your devices.

Better Forecast UI Improvements
We streamlined the UI so that we are not displaying the same information in multiple places. We also added sunrise and sunset data to each forecast day.

Station Dashboard
The Station Dashboard is now home to the More Current Conditions section that was previously on the Forecast view. This puts all of your detailed station information in one place.

If you spot any issues, let us know.


By the looks of things. . .a new Interesting color combination is now on the public side. The darker contrast is observed in both Chrome and MS Edge.

. . .but the other one. .is still was it was (no color contrast.)

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I like it! So much easer to read!

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Thanks for the report @storm_tracker. Looks like a caching issue. I pushed an update that adds a cache buster to the images. Give the page a hard refresh and let me know if that fixes things for you.

back to the way it was before. . .except. . .the RainCheck icon is still dark.


Back in Full Business. . . as of 3:11 PM CDT.

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Excellent! Glad to hear it!

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There seems to be an issue with Delta-T
As reported in App:
Air Temp is 60F, DewPoint is 58F, Wet Bulb is 59F but Delta-T is 33F
Per Formulas is supposed to be:
Delta T, ΔT, is used in agriculture to indicate acceptable conditions for spraying pesticides and fertilizers. It is simply the difference between the air temperature (aka “dry bulb temperature”) and the wet bulb temperature:


@corrineb Delta T values seem too high now.

Thanks for the Delta-T reports @glenngoddard and @KJ.Davis. Which app are you seeing the issue in? Android, iOS or web?

@corrineb I see it in both the web and Android app.

Android app for myself

Cool !!! Being one of the first non beta Sky to receive my weather station. Real cool the new stats page. Can one make corrections to the stats if one knows its a faulty stat ?
Does this new AI forecast and or adjustment of Tempest stats ,also apply to Sky too. I see my Tempest on roof runs cooler than my Sky /Air on ground . Does this new system only apply to Temp Hub and not Sky Hub. Sorry i know this last paragraph doesn’t relate to current/ topic at hand but would appreciate the help

New iOS app version installed
Seems too cluttered now
Shame the colors for the high/lows is no longer. Liked seeing red 90F or a yellow 70F. Ease glance to see the temp. They new same/uniform color for all temps is definitely a step backwards.

Just my opinion.


Hi @corrineb,
I love several changes on the web like the wind forecast is visible without tapping and the air density displays more decimal places and of course the history.
For a few days now (actually when I look back perhaps forever since I got this phone) prior to todays update I have not been able to view the entire area of the graphs on my samsung Tab A 8" mobile phone. The title or key are hidden. It means that I can not capture a screen shot of a graph with everything I need to show from the browser window.
I can enlarge it but can not reduce it to fit.
I will need to edit this message to add some screen shots shortly.
Edit:OK I realise why it changed for me. It was not your change. If my browser is in ‘mobile site’ the graphs are too large for my window BUT when I change to ‘desktop site’ I see the full graph with title and key both in view perfectly.
Cheers Ian :slight_smile:

I really like all the data and especially the history stats!

I wonder if on the daily stats screen, showing the time under the min & max values would be considered? For the other time periods (week, month, year and all time), the date for the min or max value is displayed and maybe the day view could show the time for that day.

Thanks for the update.

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Is there a place I can give feedback about the app? They changed the user interface and I don’t like it. It looks too clunky. It was better the way it was

I can confirm, even in celsius scale I have 11, 17 with a delta T of 8 (which is not possible, no matter how you round/truncate). Did some one perhaps use sealevel pressure in one calculation and stationlevel pressure in the other?

The new Android app is great. But I’ve noticed both on the app and on the web my station (ID 32427) is showing a lot of wind (30 mph) and it is perfectly calm this morning.

Update - between 8:05 and 8:10 am EDT the problem seems to have resolved. Current wind reading under 4 mph which feels correct.

I excitedly showed the updated web version to my spouse and she said, “How do I see how much rainfall occurred over the last three days?”

Any chance there’s a “Defined Date Range” or a “For X Days | Weeks | Months | Years” option on the horizon?

Thank you!

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