Tempest App Updates

We are rolling out updated apps for all platforms today. The website has been updated and the iOS and Android builds will be available in the Apple or Play store shortly.

iOS: 4.05 (444)
Android: 4.12 (105)

Here’s a summary of what has changed.

iOS, Android and Web

  • Lightning info displayed in current conditions box if lightning in last 3 hours
  • Lightning info added to More Current Conditions section of Better Forecast
  • Fixed blank sensor status issue

iOS and Android:

  • Fixed issue with Lightning info being dashed out on card view
  • Updated 10-day date display
  • Minor UI updates to the device setup screens


  • Fixed issue where can’t switch stations on History View
  • Fixed Rain Widget text overlap issue


  • Persistent Notification: Fixing blank notification (showing message if no recent observation from station)
  • Added confirmation message when deleting a device
  • Fixed back button issue on Device Settings / Advanced Settings screen

@corrineb, Just out of curiosity, would the next app update that comes along feature the option of making an account just for following weather stations and getting alerts from them?


@jgentry I don’t think this will make it into the next release. However, it is on our radar and we are monitoring the feature request in the Feature Request category.


Thank you! I sure hope y’all do add that feature.

are there any plans to show better rain total information in the app ie weekly, monthly or yearly totals?

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Head over to [App] Monthly & Yearly Highs and Lows and Rain totals for Month and Year and vote for it.

When do you expect the next update of the app to occur? Also how much time in between updates does your staff strive to achieve?

For snow, the snowflakes are the same color as the background for current conditions, so it looks like the flake is being chopped off.

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@ryanschwartz80 Thanks for the report! We will get this fixed! Brrrr…


Today the app isn’t showing any cloud coverage or precipitation prediction graphics around the temperature like it normally does.

I just tested on my iPhone and it shows normally … rebooting maybe ? Sometimes it does wonders :innocent:

Thanks for the report @AaronT. We have seen this happen once before, but until now have not been able to track it down. Your screenshots helped give us a few clues and we believe we have found the issue. We will be releasing an API update with the fix in the near future. Thanks for your help!