Tempest App Updates: iOS 4.11 (473) / Android 4.39(128) / Web

Updated iOS and Android apps are rolling out to the App and Google Play stores now!

  • iOS: 4.11 (473)
  • Android: 4.39(128)

In addition, website updates are available at https://tempestwx.com

This round of updates has improved messaging for power save mode but is mostly bug fixes and under the hood updates to keep things running smoothly. Below is a list of the bugs we squashed with this update.


  • Fixed issue with negative lightning distance display
  • Fixed precision issue with rain accumulation display in the More Current Conditions section of the Forecast view
  • Fixed app crash for users who had zero winds in their hourly forecast. (Those calm winds really tripped us up!)


  • Fixed wind speed bar color issue
  • Fixed app crash for Android 4 users


  • Fixed wind speed bar issues when switching stations on the Forecast view

If you spot any issues let us know!


@corrineb For Rain Accumulation it still says Trace. Now I’m seeing Trace in top forecast section and blue tiles. iOS version. I now don’t appear to see accumulation anywhere including historical graphs :confused:

You show brief rain at 3am today. Just enough to report as trace.

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@Trial_Master I’m looking at your station’s share page and the Trace display you are seeing in the top forecast section and on the blue tiles is correct. So far today you have had 0.06 mm of rain. The app will display Trace until you have had more than .127 mm of rain.

On the graphs, if you scroll back to 2/2/21 you should see accumulation amounts displayed on the graph. If you don’t let me know.


Good to know, thanks for the explanation @corrineb

Yep, I do.

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