Tempest app : first experiences

looks like there is an issue with temperatures on the forecast of 100+ not appearing correctly.

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What is the number in the lower left corner for?

@wxlist If you are referring to Temperature, UV Index, Solar Radiation, and Wind not showing up in the More Current Conditions, that is because those four conditions are already shown at the top of the page.

You get the Current Temperature, UV Index, Solar Radiation, and Wind Data in the top panel. Next panel is the forecast data. Bottom panel is More Current Conditions. Hopefully this what you referring to about missing data.

Playing with the new app - my initial gut feeling is that I like it. Very easy to get a snapshot of current conditions and scroll down to see more. Question: what happens when it starts raining? Will the rain intensity/amount replace one of the top level icons? One last thought: As a farmer, I really miss the weather radar. I guess I can find that on another app, but it sure was convenient :slight_smile:

My observation is that the new application has the sun raising in the west an setting in the east.

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That is because you are facing North, you need to face South. :rofl:

Actually I’m fine with it as it is since I read from left to right and so I see it more as the beginning of the daylight to the end of the daylight rather than an East-West view.


Ha! I just noticed the 5-day forecast on the original screen and the 10-day forecast on the new screen don’t match! Totally different forecasts for the next 5 days.

Just got the update too. Looks nice, especially since you have the best of both worlds. However I do have an issue. The original style is updating the wind as it always did, but the new style is not updating the wind at all. Not sure about the other parameters. I’m assuming this will update as time goes on?

I read from left to right also. But I know the sun raises on my right.

It’s what the military used to teach; Attention to detail.

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Will you e able to down load or print off a each months data and will it do the mean temperature for the month thank you

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The original is still using Dark Sky I believe, the new is using your data off of your own station.

We could care less about the app showing a forecast. We go to the NWS and various private services for that information

The purpose of the SmartWeather app
Is to access the data from our stations in a easy to
read manner

Just the data is all we need

I have never once relied on any ‘forecast data’ In the app. Give me the HRRR and NAM for short term modeling and a heavy weighting on the ECMF for
3 to 5 days out

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The app is missing the detailed data

I will prove it again
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This level of data is important to a knowledgeable user of the WeatherFlow Smart Weather system

The watered down Temoest view is not what we bought in to

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Hey Eric, This was on an iPhone X on 13.3.1

Turn and face the other direction to resolve this issue. :slight_smile:

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Love the new interface. Much nicer. I can still dig in to the fine details if I need to but when I just want to glance at the forecast or current info it’s right there in a clean interface. Great job!


It is that you are choosing to look at one detail and disregarding that there is another equally valid detail, that time is typically increasing or moving forward toward the right. The app shows a time graph, not a position of the sun graph. That is the difference. And to be pedantic, if you face West then the sun comes up at your back and sets to your front. This is an equally valid attention to detail. The app does not show the relative position of the sun around the Earth as your app does and that is the key difference.

Okay, forget I asked.

We were asked for observations and comments. I gave mine.

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