[App] ]Better graphing system

I would like to have way more points displayed in a graph. Currently there are only 32 data points in any screen. Moderns screens allow way more. Also I would like to have a flexible two finger zoom (or mouse) and pan system, not just +/- zoom levels. So one could easily zoom in to the hour level but just as well look at some trend over the past months or years. When zooming out the screen could easily handle 1000 data points. Smoothly remove data points from the graph when it gets over 1000 points. Data can be cached on the phone, so it doesn’t need to be transferred every time. Historic data will have less resolution (because the full resolution isn’t stored on the servers), but that will be fine.

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@garyfunk Please stop editing my titles. These are suggestions not only for the app, but also for the web.

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The [App] includes the Apple application, the Android application and the Web application. We are tagging these to make it easier to group them. Please don’t make this difficult.

that’s where the tagging system is for, isn’t it?


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100% agree. In addition to these recommendations, zoom shouldn’t reposition you to current. It should zoom you in where you are. If I’m looking at data from 3 days ago and zoom in, making me scroll backward 15 pages to get back to where I was isn’t helpful.