[App] cleaner, less confusing interface with more data

I wish the interface made a clear distinction between prediction and measurement. To the left the icon used for ‘rain likely’ to the right the one used for ‘very heavy rain’. That isn’t very informative for an icon. If you need to read the text in the interface to distinguish between the two, than you could as well remove the icon completely. My request would to reserve the top half for real measured data, including lightning, humidity, barometric pressure, rain amount, rain rate, temperature, wind direction, wind speed, UV value (Yes display more data!) and the bottom half for the daily and hourly forecasts.
Note that I don’t want the icon to be removed, but it should never show the forecast, only the current condition. It could show rain, perhaps overlayed with a lightning bolt in case there was lightning in the last 10 minutes. Perhaps the icon could indicate the wind speed somehow (calm, windy, stomy) If you manage to get the accurate cloud coverage from say a satellite image, then you could add that, but leaf the forecast out of it. It is confusing and unclear.

Isn’t everything above the line in this picture current? I’ve seen the icon switch from the one in my pic to one like in your pictures right after I get a rain notification.

no, the cloud you see is based on the hourly forecast, in your case it will show rain three hours from now, it doesn’t matter if it really rains. My screenshots are really from ‘rain likely’ (forecast) and from ‘very heavy rain’ (measured)

So what I saw was somewhat a coincidence?

no it changes to a rainy icon when it detects rain, that is no coincidence. But it also shows the rainy icon when it predicted it will rain. I know, it is confusing ;-).
It also changes to 100% cloudy and raining, when it detects rain, even though the sky can be 50% sunny.

I’ll have to watch it a little more closely. I’m usually on the card view.