App Graphical User Interface - Rain/Inches vs NONE


I use and enjoy my AIR and my new SKY.

I find the use of NONE on the app “home page” when there is no Rain to be inconsistent with other design choices.

On the app home page, every reading has some unit of measure shown; deg F, inHg, Today, mph, UV, week etc.

However the RAIN value, if there has been no rain is NONE. And nowhere on the rain “bar” does it say rain.

Why does this matter - at least for me, at first glance, it takes some time for me to discern what the NONE refers to. I have to look over to the right and guess that inches in past hour inches in last 24 hours refer to RAIN. It is immediately clear, in every other “bar” what is being measured/displayed.

Please consider displaying something like, 0 inches Rain instead of just NONE.

Just my thoughts.

The space where “NONE” is displayed is used for displaying the Sky’s interpretation of the current precipitation intensity, not the rainfall amounts/totals. If you look at it when it’s raining, it will say light, moderate, heavy, very heavy, build an ark, :grin: and rumor has it hail and maybe even sleet in the near future. (I believe that @WFmarketing posted an explanation/list of the different intensities a few weeks ago, but don’t remember if it was a private message or posted publicly. I may very well have missed a few in my list above.)

Looking at the precipitation card on the web, there is a big raindrop on the left side and both hourly and daily summaries on the right side. Are the iOS and/or Android apps showing the card differently???


Interesting and useful information about “intensity.”

Yes, the raindrop icon is on the left, still my brain takes some time to figure out what that means. (Too many unique icon choices, across so many different user interfaces, so little brain CPU/time available)

How about “No Precipitation” instead of NONE. (seems like enough screen real estate is available) The word, precipitation, makes it more obvious as to what value is being measured.

Again, all the other “bars” give some immediate clue as to what is being measured (e.g.deg F, mph, etc) in words/or abbreviations.

Thanks for the consideration.

Hi @y7mpsudsv8 Good questions. And thanks @vreihen for your answers. Once you see it in action on a rainy day, the data becomes much easier to comprehend.

Here’s a link to the formulas used to calculate all derived values including rain rate / intensity. The SKY is unique in that it can tell the intensity of rain at exactly that moment by “feeling” the rain drops with the haptic sensor. We use NONE because “No Precipitation” will not fit on an iPhone SE screen. Here are the current soft-descriptors and calcs:


We’re playing with some ideas to add user-selected alternative descriptors, just like you would change temp from F to C. In addition to something empirical, we’d love to add something more fun like: Bone Dry, Spritzing, Angel tears, Cats & Dogs, Drought killer, Build an ark! (credit @vreihen).


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It’s here

I too find the ‘NONE’ visually disturbing!

I would much prefer the space to be left blank or display ‘0’.