[App] Guest Account Access (read-only app access)

To let others (then the owner) (=guests) use the app and don’t give full access to the settings as well, it should be possible for those to get an read-only account.
So those can set up the app individually according to units and alerts. Bot not being able to change station specific settings.

In addition the accounts (those of owners as well) will become able to “subscribe” to stations of different owners.
And finally, be able to set the alarms individual for each subscribed and owned station.

One option I would really love to see is the ability to create a personal/guest user account for the app. They will be able to receive standard app notifications and to be able to follow as many stations as they choose.


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This is definitely a feature I’d like as well.
My use case is that my WeatherFlow station is mounted on a pole attached to my fence. My neighbor has cooperated with me putting this up, since it’s technically his fence too. He currently uses the website to get data about the weather in “our” backyard, but he’d really like to be able to use the app, and would love to get “it’s started raining” or “lightning” alerts so he can text the kids and remind them to put the dog in. :slight_smile:

I totally understand that on the surface sharing stations creates an increased cost, as well as possibly digs into sales. Perhaps allow a limited number of devices?

Luckily I’m a software developer, so I’m planning on solving this problem for myself by creating an app that listens to the local broadcast data on my network and uses Pushover to send him a push notification. One of these days I’ll get around to that. :smiley:


Love the Tempest App on my iPhone and Android devices. However, using the app requires credentials which can change system settings. Would like to see the app be just a display only app whereby the user would enter the weather station name just to view it’s data


click on the share icon, and you’ll get a link to a webpage that looks 99% the same as the app.
or use a link like this and replace the number with your own station id. https://tempestwx.com/station/15906/ or https://tempestwx.com/station/15906/grid


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Agreed, there should be both administrative and non-privileged account access. This is a standard cyber security best practice–run with the least privilege possible to accomplish your task.

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The guest account is is for family and friends, not those of us with a Tempest and accompanying account. Yes, we should be able to add other stations to our app, too.

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I have a tempest and I’m really happy with it, and enjoying the push features.
I’m in a water sport club and we would like that our members could install the app so the could get notifications if they are on the water and lightning would approach or a sudden pressure drop occur.
Therefor the weather app is not optimal since that cannot provide the push messages.
Obviously members should be guests so they cannot access and change master management PW etc.
without the push messages this is not best fit for the club members, and as I see it this is not supported yet?

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Yes! I’ve been wanting this option for years.