[APP] Notification customizability

Hi! I’m pretty happy with the native Tempest app, but I feel like there are some things that are missing. In this request I am going to focus on one specific topic: Notifications.

Right now, there seems to only be 4 different notifications you can get, but I think that is too few. I would love it if you could make custom notifications based on any measurement that the tempest can measure. It would be nice to get a notification if for example the UV index is higher than 6, humidity is over 90% or under 40%, wind over 10 m/s, battery under 2.55 v, only lightning within 10 km, only get rain notification when rainfall is moderate, rainfall stops and so on. It would be so practical to basically have no limitations with them, because people want to know different things.

It would make the app so much more useful.