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I just got my Tempest today, and didn’t see any feature request to add HomeKit support, Siri support, and Shortcuts support for iOS devices, so I’m posting a thread about it. (I did find the General thread saying Siri support would be easier than full HomeKit, but it’s older and closed.)

There’s so many cool things we could do on iOS if we had those integrations! I appreciate IFTTT support, which is nice, but on iOS, at least having Siri and Shortcuts at a minimum would be so incredibly useful. As would Homekit door automation purposes, but if that’s a lot of effort, at least starting with S+S would be great.

As an aside, if you have Amazon Alexa, give it a try. The Alexa support works very well and gives you a complete rundown when you ask for it…

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That only works if you have an Amazon Alexa device and have bought into their ecosystem. I do have Google Home devices I use, but my whole smart home is built around HomeKit primarily, especially because of the tight integration with iOS devices, automation, and cross-compatibility between devices.


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Does anyone know what can be done with Siri today? According to at least one support page, Siri integration should already be present. However, I have not found anything that describes what can be done.

How do I interact with Siri to get readings from Tempest?

I agree with @jamesbellanca, direct HomeKit and Shortcuts integrations would be beneficial. For now, I have linked my station to CARROT weather so I can interact that way.

Siri: Smart Home Integrations


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Created a new topic with an iOS, Shortcut and Siri tip for checking weather of your favorite Tempest locations. Click here for the topic.

Been using a couple of Echo Dots here for quite a while now (Alexa). The Alexa app. has a Skill for WeatherFlow and is easy to get and add. You can just then ask “ask WeatherFlow for a report”, or just get temp.,etc.

Thanks - Too bad it only open a URL in Safari though and can’t read the temperature out loud, or read in the value to use in another action. Good if you own multiple stations though to see data from different ones.

EDIT: You did inspire me, though, to write my own Shortcut than pulls in the JSON results from the API and speaks them through Siri. Here’s the shortcut: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/8d6614bebbf045d895bf9b8d47324f67

Instructions: Edit the shortcut to change the station ID in the URL to your own station ID. (Or change the URL to the device API URL if you don’t have a Tempest. If you’re on Celsius, you’ll also need to change the spoke text and calculation since I hardcoded “Fahrenheit”.

Edit 2: And here’s a more detailed shortcut with a more full report. Again, you’d have to modify for metrics since it converts to imperial units. https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/54caba444ea344c18271fef9cc3bfb5a

Edit 3: I updated the report shortcut to add rain and lightning, if there’s been any rain today and any lightning in the last 3 hours, and only reports feels like if it’s outside of 1º of the real temp. Here’s the new one. https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/039d70cb479c46ebaf65ff762507c248


Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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I would also like HomeKit and Siri support. I ordered based on the fact that it was stated Siri support was available. I was VERY disappointed to learn how poor that support really was!

Thanks! Your shortcuts are awesome!!

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Hi folks. As an update on this, Siri Shortcuts are in active development and we’re hoping to release them this summer. Thanks to @jamesbellanca for the two he created in the meantime.


Great news! Hopefully full HomeKit support will follow!

Since Siri Shortcuts and HomeKit integration are such different animals, we have split this topic into two. Be sure to vote for the feature you want most - or both! (here’s the HomeKit topic)

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That kind of splits the vote without offering the ability to choose where one’s vote goes. To me, HomeKit support is far more important than Siri Shortcuts. I’ve already used all of my votes, but my vote remains with this topic. Is there a way I can remove a vote for another topic, or can you manually move my vote from Siri Shortcuts to the HomeKit vote?

Just go to the topic you want to remove the vote from and click on the vote button. It will bring up a “Remove Vote” pop-up to click on to remove the vote, then go vote on the other topic.


I could have sworn I’ve tried doing that before and it didn’t work. :man_facepalming:t2: Thanks to giz for the pointer, and dsj, accept my apologies for asking the stupidest of questions.


So I am wanting to buy A weather station (3 of them in fact), & all the reviews are saying that Tempest is the best (& it does look really good) But I insist on FULL “Homekit” compatibility… I love the fact that it has IFTTT, but that is just icing; I will not buy it without the cake as well. No matter how pretty the icing is…

All my pets these days need to be fully Siri & Alexa compatible; unfortunately Siri is my first love & so all of my pets must live under Siri’s "Homekit”, note to mention; be accountable to Siri’s friends & relatives, even acts of god…

I think that Tempest is a great animal/pet & worth waiting a little while for, so I guess i will check back next year to see if I he is in better shape for adopting in to my Homekit.

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