[Apple] HomeKit Integration

Everything in my home is homekit based as well. I would love to see homekit integration.


I agree too. With HomeKit garden sprinkler control, it would be nice to automate rain delays. Likewise, being able to set other scenes like closing doors if the wind is too high, etc. would be very useful.

Add me to the HomeKit request. Also is there an Apple TV app?

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Add me to the HomeKit request also


Also add me to the HomeKit and Shortcuts request. It would be great to have a way to quickly visualize my current weather station sensor data inside the Home app without having to jump out of it to other apps, and to to be able to create Shortcuts and Home Automations based on weather conditions would be amazing.

Add me to the HomeKit integration requestors (and yes, I’ve voted). I live completely off grid, and it’d be awesome to be able to turn off unneeded appliances, lights, etc., when solar radiation decreases (cloudy weather). It’d also be great to integrate fans, coolers, and the like. And of course, sprinkler system controls.

We have split this topic off from the original post, which was a request for two things: HomeKit & Siri Shortcuts. Both are on our roadmap, but one (Siri shortcuts) is much closer to release, while the other (HomeKit integration) is a lot more involved. You can find discussion on this forum about HomeKit going back several years, but the short story is that the MCU we selected for the current Hub originally supported HomeKit, but by the time we finished development, Apple had changed the requirements and it could no longer support them.

So while we absolutely intend to provide HomeKit support, it can’t happen with the current hardware. Assuming Apple doesn’t move the goalposts again, HomeKit integration will be available with our Pro Hub, which is still in active development.

Be sure to vote for the feature you want most - or both! (here’s the Siri Shortcuts topic)


You should reset votes on both. My vote ended up on Siri shortcuts which is not what I want. I need homekit integration so it can be tied to automations.

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Voted! Can’t wait - even if it means buying a new hub. (Didn’t Apple change the requirements to make the encryption software-based a couple years ago, specifically so IOT device makers wouldn’t need to make new hubs with hardware encryption?)

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Just go to the “Voted” button at the top, click it and select Remove vote, then go vote on the other topic. To see what you have voted on go to your profile, Activity and click on Votes.

Yes, and that was great, but that didn’t help us since they also changed the requirements for devices that used the hardware encryption. That is, even with hardware-level encryption (which the Hub supports) the ram and processor requirements for the HomeKit stack are too much for the current Hub to handle.


I’d absolutely buy a new hub with HomeKit support, no question about it. I do hope there will be a way to migrate my existing account/profile/history to a new hub when it comes out. I noticed that I lost all my historical data from my old Sky/Air combo when I added Tempest and deleted the Sky/Air.

Ooh @Mongus that’s a brilliant idea. It would be great to see what’s going on through my Apple TV. I’d love to see that one too.

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So is the assumptions people are making correct? Homekit will not work ever in the current HW (meaning HUB) but could/will work in the pro hub and those of us with current non-pro system would only need to purchase a new HUB (for a reasonable price or maybe a discount for some of us since one of the main reasons I purchased in the first place was Homekit support was going to be in it - and like others here - I have all my automation based around HomeKit today).

Not yet, but it’s on our roadmap. Vote for it here: Apple TV App with Weather Data from my Station

That is correct.

This is news to me - where can I get more info on the “pro hub”.

There is no “Pro Hub” currently shipping, that is true. I was just going off what dsj said in the thread above:

“So while we absolutely intend to provide HomeKit support, it can’t happen with the current hardware. Assuming Apple doesn’t move the goalposts again, HomeKit integration will be available with our Pro Hub, which is still in active development.”

He specifically mentioned the Pro Hub in development and confirmed that HomeKit will likely be supported in that HW when it ships in the future.

Correct. There is a Pro Hub in the works, as discussed in the Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. It will include everything the current Hub can do, plus at least two extra features: cellular communications and HomeKit support.


Can you provide direct links to the campaigns?

Ooh, good idea. Same content on both.

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