SmartThings Integration

Would be nice to have SmartThings integration available. IFTTT doesn’t give full access to things to make automatons as robust as a lot of people need.

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ugh yes please!!

20 c


8 votes already, guess I’m not the only one :slight_smile:

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I think if WeatherFlow would open MQTT to developers it would be simpler to integrate with other systems. Have any of the SmartThings developers written code to consume UDP?

None that I am aware of are doing the UDP. Most of the 3rd party integration I have been following have been on the Hubitat side and they are “mostly” compatible with SmartThings from a device driver perspective if you are using their “Groovy” and Device IDE and ask the developer for permission to migrate.

I have been testing both a API integration driver:

And a WebSocket driver:


Thats really cool, unfortunately I don’t know how to take that and make it work on SmartThings.

Honestly I just would like the feature that is still be advertised by WeatherFlow:


I agree with you. The priority is to ensure that:
All hardware is 100% functional and accurate
All backend server code is 100%
All API code is 100%
All application code is 100%

This means that everything else is in last place on the list. And there are dozens of “support this product” items on that list.

And thats fine, but it was sold as having the support already and is continued to being marketed that it has it. There’s no asterisk anywhere or any notes saying “Coming Soon” or “Planned in Future Release”. It’s actually against Samsung’s terms of use for displaying the “Works With SmartThings” logo without being certified.


That’s certainly interesting. @dsj Can you ask marketing to clarify exactly what is supported?

I don’t use SmartThings, but have heard that there is an ongoing clash of old app versus new app and a recent announcement that they are shutting down some legacy API. It sounds like an impending train wreck of the Weather Underground scale in the SmartThings ecosystem from the outside.

Hubitat is bracing for a mass migration of SmartThings users to their platform, which was built by former SmartThings power users who wanted to build a better mouse trap. Just throwing out the suggestion to consider making the switch, since Hubitat already has two community-supplied WF integrations now…

Yea, I’m not trying to be an jerk about it, but the way it was portrayed on kickstarter and on the website made it seem like it was already supported or would be soon supported after lunch. Its very disappointing to find out that it doesn’t even have a time frame for when it would be available. IFTTT is a nice band-aid, but it doesn’t provide full access to all attributes of the weather station and I don’t find IFTTT in general to be the most reliable.

I don’t disagree with you. I do think someone should respond and tell us exactly what that means.

@WFmarketing @WFsupport

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My gripe about this is I have been checking up on this since I bought my WF about a year ago. I was ok waiting as long as the wait was reasonable and that the promise was kept. In general it seems like they are pretty honest and straight forward on here with their communication, which I really appreciate. More recently (a couple months ago) I read on a another WF thread that smartthings integration would be coming soon after the tempest app launch or something like that (can’t remember exact words). Anyways it didn’t, and last time I checked the story had changed to smartthings integration will come but at an unknown time or something like that. So I feel stringed along at this point and am frustrated about it. I really like my WF and think it is great, but I will be very happy when it finally truly ingrates with smartthings like they promised.

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Yes there is a fight over the processing model in SmartThings, the legacy model was more open to developers and hobbyists, the new puts more stress of the developers infrastructure and Lambda compute type services in the cloud and has a high cost of entry. I still keep SmartThings around for supporting other clients that use the platform but myself have moved to Hubitat and have a few clients looking into making the switch.


My biggest issue is that it was (and still is) being sold as available but when you ask them you are told that there are no updates on development and there is no timeline when there will be updates. It’s not that difficult to understand that means it hasn’t really been worked on and isn’t anywhere in their pipeline.

This ever going to happen? Would love ST integration.

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I’m not holding my breath. Apparently it was promised on their old model in 2018 and then it was promised for the tempest. After 2 years of promising I would expect more information other than “We have no update, and we don’t know when it’ll happen” if it was going to happen any time soon (next few years).

Vote for the feature here though so it can show how much interest there is in the feature and maybe it’ll happen.

It would be nice to get some kind of response to the request. 20 votes is one of the higher vote counts for any of the features requested that are currently open.

It’s only been 14 days.

Thanks for pushing this one up the list! We are actively working on updating our original SmartThings integration (which was never launched because Samsung changed the way it works before we could). Our best guess for availability is late August, but it could be later depending what snags we hit along the way.