Is anyone looking at SmartThings integration?

Hi, just wondering if WeatherFlow, or any developers are working on SmartThings integration??

I use SmartThings and webCore to do my automation and there are a couple of automations/rules I would like to do, but am not able to with the basic IFTTT integration.

Now that things are moving along with the project in general, is WeatherFlow (or any Devs) working on this?

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I have thought about it. I have a SmartThings Hub that I use occasionally to play with. I’m just not a fan of cloud based configuration.

What did you have in mind?


Thanks for the quick reply Gary.

The first rule is this one;

I currently have the following workaround for it that is less sophisticated than I would prefer - but does work.

I would also like to build a rule where my kids can press a button that will check the UV index, and depending on result range, a specific announcement will be made on a Sonos. Eg;

  • if between 0-4, announce “The sun isn’t too bad today, you don’t have to worry about sunscreen. Go get some vitamin D”
  • If between 4.1-6, announce; “If you are popping in for a quick swim, you won’t need sunscreen, but if you are planning on staying in for more than 15 minutes, put sunscreen and a swim shirt on”
  • if greater than 6, announce; “You need to sunscreen up and put a swim shirt on”

Something like that.

I’m also interested. I would like to disable my ERV when it’s actively raining to avoid bringing excess moisture into the house.

I made this work-around

but it relies on IFTTT actually sending updates to turn on virtual switches. In general the rule is working, but the IFTTT applet didn’t run an hour ago when it should have - when when the UV index rose above 6. So the result is that it is still playing the message for UV range 4-6, even though currently it is 7.8.

If WeatherFlow integrated directly with ST / webCore it would be able to report accurately, and more information could be addded to the announcements.

I really hope you consider working on an integration :slight_smile:

Also, OT, but I think you mentioned previously that you want home automation that isn’t cloud-based. Have you looked at Hubitat. Lots of ST users are looking at this as an alternative. I will probably get it once the ST app forces the upgrade. Apparently at that point you can’t use custom device handlers.

I also would like to see ST integration.

IFTTT is great but it’s so limited. For example, I have an Automower that I would like to undock if lighting is detected. I don’t want it to mow I just want it to undock and get 10’ or so away from the docking station and then stop. I can’t do that with IFTTT. In fact, most users are parking their Automower when lightning is detected and that’s actually the worst thing you can do, in my opinion. But we just don’t have the options we need with IFTTT. Webcore is a very powerful solution in ST that would still rely on IFTTT to get the needed sequence of commands to the Automower at the correct timing.

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Your best course of action is to find a SmartThings developer to integrate the WeatherFlow API.

I ended up switching to Hubitat about 6 months ago and am not using ST. Anyone wanting to develop for Hubitat? :slight_smile:

Again, your best bet is to find a Hubitat developer.

One needs to integrate the WeatherFlow API into Hubitat, Not Hubitat into WeatherFlow

Hi @rrmajiros . Actually, we’re speaking directly with the product team at Husqvarna Automower about IFTTT triggers and actions. At WeatherFlow, we can enable the weather triggers including lightning, rain, freeze/frost, etc. Once a trigger is fired…then there is the action. In this case, the Automower team simply needs to code the action to undock the mower on their end. We are actually working on this together right now (May 2019). :blush:


You can use the WeatherFlow API to pull most of your staton’s weather observations into webcore and then automate your stuff with SmartThings. I currently use the temperature from my station to change the color of an RGB bulb.

Unfortunately, I don’t see lightning and rain alerts in the API observations, so I still use IFTTT with webcore for those, but so far they have worked well.

How exactly do you use the API to pull into webcore?

I also thought based on the product page there was native Smartthings integration.

You’ll set up an HTTP Get Request to the WeatherFlow API address as listed below. You’ll set a variable for the Response to define which data you want to use.**YOURSTATIONID**?api_key=20c70eae-e62f-4d3b-b3a4-8586e90f3ac8