SmartThings, WebCore and Web Socket Events?

I’m using the WeatherFlow API to pull my station’s weather observations into WebCore (that works with SmartThings). I currently use the temperature from my station to change the color of an RGB bulb.

Unfortunately, I don’t see lightning and rain alerts in the API observations, so I still use IFTTT with WebCore for those, but so far they have worked well.


Lightning and rain start events are sent over Web Socket, not REST. Have a look:

Thanks. I did notice that, but I’m not a developer and have no idea how to use websockets.

I’m not sure how to access WebSocket stuff with WebCore & SmartThings, but I’ve moved your question to the #developers category - maybe some of our friendly third-party developers here can help out!


Im curious, as the information page on the WeatherFlow product page shows smartthings integration.

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From what I’ve been told this spring they will have the integration. They’re wanting to roll it out with the new model of WeatherStation. I’m currently using ITTT to extend my awning when it rains, but the slightest drop makes it roll out and nothing to roll it back. Way too limited.
I’m hoping the integration will open up unlimited options!


So, shortly after my original post, I was able to easily pull the data I needed until recently. Now, I can’t get any responses through a Get Request. You’ll see that the $response was able to pull data from obs.brightness. Now it doesn’t send any data. Did the API data change in how it shows up?

Hi @barton.pepe ,
Is your API issue still occurring?
I was able to pull data into Smarthings using WebCore API requests for several months but it just stopped working on March 28th. The request response comes back empty.

I am still able to run the same query in a browser and it works fine, so it’s not a general API failure.

Also Smarthings can still do API requests to other destinations, so it’s something specific to the combination of a Smarthings request to the Weatherflow API.

I am wondering whether the JSON response changed at that time and Smarthings can no longer parse it.

most probably the api ‘general’ key (or token) won’t work anymore as it is facing out. You need to use your personal key that you can make via the settings page, down the page in “data authorizations”. You make a key for your station’s data (data from other people won’t be accessible anymore). Gues you need to swap the general key with your private key in the code

Hi @eric ,
Thanks for the information, however I am using an API key I generated myself.
Also it works via a browser request, so I know the key itself is working ok, and the request is formatted correctly.

Thanks anyway,

I’ve found the solution for this.
A recent WebCore update has bugs. Reverted to version 3.110 and everything is working again.
See: Get request no longer working - Piston: Design Help - webCoRE Community Forum
The bug affects some get requests and not others, hence thinking it might be at the Weatherflow end.

I had since discovered that the Get request in Webcore is completely broken. Even with reverting to an earlier version, the rule was not reliable. I completely shifted gears and now use IFTTT with WeatherFlow when a new observation is found, a webhook will send a Post to Webcore with the defined data and then will update properly and reliably.