Hubitat Driver for WeatherFlow API

I am in the process of finishing up a Hubitat driver that will work with the WeatherFlow API. All the observational data works fine and is posted as events in the device, just doing some final cleanup for child devices and station/device information.

Before anyone asks, no, this will not receive the UDP broadcasts directly as Hubitat does not listen for broadcasts. It works on a query-response model. Unless that chances, the driver will only be for the API.


@snell - That would be awesome. I just incorporated a Hubitat hub into my home. Great device.

I’m looking forward to incorporating my WeatherFlow sensors.

Rick Comito
Station ID: 4756

Here is the Driver for WeatherFlow API topic in the Hubitat forum.

While the driver is not “finished” it certainly works. WeatherFlow has indicated that people can use their development API Key without any restrictions at this time, so you are welcome to get that to use with the driver.

For the driver and basic instructions, go to the Driver for WeatherFlow API topic on the Hubitat forum.

For the API Key, go here.

Can I ask a dumb question? Is there something wrong with the Hubitat third-party integrations to WeeWX or Meteobridge/Weatherbridge? Both can receive local UDP broadcasts from WF, and can present it locally to Hubitat in keeping with the platform’s “do it locally if at all possible” mantra.

The caveat appears to be that none of the available options can send live lightning strike or rain start alerts to Hubitat. It may be possible to do this with a few lines of Python in WeeWX, but I haven’t looked at the available APIs on the HE side yet.

My HE hub will be arriving tomorrow thanks to WINK jumping the shark, so I’ll have a better understanding of the platform in a few weeks…

Not dumb at all. Hubitat has no problems at all with WeeWX, and many people use it.

However… I do not want to run WeeWX personally, so I have made on-Hubitat drivers to do what is possible directly from Hubitat.

Nothing against WeeWX either. I have had very bad luck with RaspberryPis and card corruption. Despite high-quality cards, etc… After so many failures of “critical” services I was relying on, I have not used them since. Just my personal experience and I do not want to discourage anyone from any particular method that may work just fine for them.

Have you ever build a pi with an extension card that holds a SSD ?? Pretty easy these days and indeed more reliable then the little cards.

Snell - I Finally got a chance to load your WeatherFlow Drfiver. Your instructions are spot on. My sensors are now proudly displayed on my main dashboard.

Nicely done Brother!. Thank you.

Rick Comito
Station ID: 4756

No, I have not, as I mentioned I stopped using them. I do not have a spare SSD and it seems annoying to purchase something like that. I had hoped that they would come up with a better method or something to handle it more nicely on the newer versions of hardware itself. Maybe… once I somehow run out of all my CURRENT projects I will revisit my pile of RasPis.

Glad to hear it is working well!

As a note, all the relevant information for this Hubitat driver is posted in the Hubitat forum. But I wanted to let anyone interested know (that maybe has not checked there lately, or looked at the device page for driver version info) that I published a major update yesterday that switched to the Token authorization model, added Forecast, and a bunch more features/changes.

So check it out!

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Is it listed in Hubitat Package Manager???

No. None of my drivers are in HPM. I post notices about updates and all of them include a daily check for updated versions, allowing users to easily import the update.

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