Any chance of Hubitat integration?

Hi, just wondering if WeatherFlow, or any developers are working on Hubitat Elevation integration. Hubitat is an off-line Home Automation system similar to SmartThings.

The transition to Hubitat has been quite easy, as most devices that are supported on ST can be used on HE. Now with the WU API changes, integration is even more important.

This would be most effectively handled on the Hubitat side. Since weatherflow is already presenting all of its data in an open format via UDP broadcast on the LAN, any Hubitat hub should be able to pick this up and do with it what it wishes. A capable Hubitat developer should have no problem building the integration. I think it’s a great idea and fits in well with Hubitat’s “all local” mission, since there would be no third party cloud service dependencies here.


Do you know any devs who you could tag here who have an interest in weather?? :slight_smile:

I have no Hubitat experience, but may be interested in helping out.


I have no coding experience, so I can’t do anything except test. But have plenty of time to test :slight_smile:

Just let me know what you need.

Here is the thread I started on the Hubitat forum, asking if any of the Devs there planned to integrate WF with Hubitat Elevate (HE).

Feel free to drop in over there to ask for info/help, or let me know what you need and I can put the call out.

I use use the Universal Devices ISY but I looked at the hub and it looks interesting. I don’t have a lot of faith in it, but the price is right.

I’ll order one tomorrow and see what I can do.


@GaryFunk, I know you were wanting an offline hub option, the community there seem pretty impressed with it and many of the users have transitioned (or are transitioning) from ST. I am still trying to wrap my head around building rules there vs using webCoRE which I was with ST. WC can be used on HE, but I only know enough to get myself into trouble, and haven’t implemented WC on my HE yet.

I have been using a local automation controller for years. I played with SmartThings but I will not use any cloud-only service other than to play with.


+1 for interest in Hubitat integration. I just switched from Smart Things to Hubitat and I really like it, particularly how fast it is. Keeping everything as local as possible is also a bug plus and would fit nicely with weatherflow.

I am completing a Hubitat driver to read the WeatherFlow API. However, Hubitat cannot receive the UDP broadcasts for local only information.

The problem is that Hubitat works on a “query - response” model. It does not monitor UDP for general broadcasts. If WeatherFlow devices were able to send a response to a query, then Hubitat could see that (because it is then listening for the response to the query the device made).


The devices can’t but the API can.

That is why I am working with the API. As soon as it becomes “live” and users can get keys to it my driver should be ready. Almost done now but tweaking how it gets the data and puts it into child devices (if people want).

Yes please. I would be very keen to use it if you build it. Also happy to do any sort of testing for you.

Have a look here:

It looks like a driver has come to the light.

I would suggest discussing all further related questions or comments within the other topic :