Anyone working on integration with Home Assistant?

Hi all,
My first post. I am wondering if anybody already built a connector (python code or any other method) to be able to make SKY into a WU weather station in addition to sending data to WeatherFlow.

I have some very specific reason for doing this… My Home Automation system can receive data from WU as there is already component in Home Assistant for this.

Alternatively, I would also be happy with Home Assistant module integrating SKY into Home Assistant directly. (in fact, I would probably even prefer it. )


Looks like there is a way to point a HUB to WU… Sorry I should have searched this forum before posting…

Second part of the question remains relevant. Is anybody working on HA direct integration?

Yes, Weather Underground has been built in from day one. Most of us have abandoned Weather Underground for various reasons.


Yes, I agree WU sucks in many ways. The only reason I need it is to integrate with HA (Home Assistant). If there was a direct integration, I would not even think about it. I am sure it will come at some point.

Integration should be easy to do. Is there anyone you know that writes drivers plug-ins for Home Assistant? I can help by supplying information and formulas.

Contact @dave and read this: Why no MQTT transport for developers?

@dave will you please assist @dima.avramenko in his quest? Thank you.

I’ve made use of node-red and the HA custom component that provides for declaring/setting variables as described here: Use Node red to harvest data and here: with great success.


@dima.avramenko, As @GaryFunk mentioned, I was pushing the WF local data into HA. I say was, as I have dismantled everything while I move some kit around, switch to Ubiquiti networking and rebuild my HA installations - so right now I have nothing working or accessable. I am also away on a business trip for a couple of weeks, so it will be a while before I get myself sorted again!

Once I do, I am happy to share what I have - I was working on a custom component, but was struggling to come up with the best way to integrate it (platform with sensors, just sensors etc etc), so ended up with the separate UPD listener script and MQTT which just worked fine.

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Thank you for responding! There is no rush as I got it working with WU for the moment. Since WU has an API and Home Assistant cat get data from it, I am actually OK for the moment. (For as long as I am only collecting data from one station as there is a limit on number of free API calls. I used to collect data from multiple stations, but few of them died and at the moment I only have one… So take your time and I will be very interested to explore your code, once it is back into working shape.

Again, thank you for responding and offer to help.


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I made an integration with Home Assistant using the REST API. More details can be found here:

I am also working on a Custom Component that uses the UDP interface, and have almost a test version ready providing access to all the sensors.


I was wondering if you ever got back to this? I just installed my tempest and would like to integrate it with HA.

I did, but then got side tracked again! But its basically a python script that listens for the UDP packets, pushes them to an MQTT broker, which HA then subscribes to. As I dont have a Tempest yet, it doesn’t support them yet.

There is a custom component for Weatherflow, but currently that also does not support Tempest, although its being worked on:

The other option is to use @vinceskahan’s UDP listener which does what mine does anyway (I just wanted something to learn Python with, so wrote my own): WeatherFlow UDP listener and MQTT/InfluxDB publisher utility

Hope that helps!

yup - same thing I did, also as a bit of a science project initially…

You could just read the UDP API for obs_st to get the Tempest observations. The units do what the API says.

Yeah I plan to when I get back to it, but was in no rush as I wouldn’t be able to test yet (although I could easily simulate the Tempest like I did with the Sky when I was waiting for that originally).

Just meant I had nothing I could help with right now really, but I knew yours was already done and ready to go :+1: