Good weather app

I was using weather undergroud app for a long time. I was happy with it, forecast was mostly good, it looks nice, etc…
I was even more happy that i can add AIR and SKY to weather undergroud. So i can check all important things about weather in one place (current condition and forecast)

But last mouth/maybe two? WU is not working anymore, i was waiting for update that would solve error, but nothing. I read they have problems with this new EU directive (GDPR?) but their website is still working…

Question for owners.
Any alternative (must be an app)
Any alternative where i can add my AIR and SKY? (must be an app)

Question for developers (if any1 even read this).
Are you in negotiation with any weather app for adding chance to add AIR and SKY?

Sorry for bad english :slight_smile:

WU has been having issues for a while now… and there appears to be no “fix” in the pipeline from them. They are getting very restrictive on using your own data you upload to them, and their services are faltering.

It is time for a new service for the Wx community!

As a developer, there are options… :smiley:

You can just use WeatherFlow’s app, which does present good information “live” from your new Weather Station.

WeeWx and Weather34 both offer good solutions. @GaryFunk has a data logger for pulling data off your SWS.
See this forum for options:

And, I have a solution as well. Check out this thread:



Hello @philopadridus!

You can find in this wiki, all know third-party integrations compatible with WeatherFlow Air & Sky:


Ive in the process of developing a program in labView to capture and save weather data to a local drive. Ive had a beta version running for a few months. Running on a small windows tablet, its proved to be useful. At least. I have more control of what is displayed.


good to hear all these new ideas popping up more the better … screenshots ???

Will send some tonight, forgive my graphic abilities in advance

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