Weather Underground ~ Summary Data Stopped Populating


Not sure if this impacts everyone but since April 01, 2018 the summary page no longer displays any data from my Beta system. Upon receipt of the second pre production Sky I noticed that this same issue appeared much earlier starting on March 18, 2018 for my production system?? :thinking:

What is strange is every other element in the WU website operates as expected from charts & graphs to tables?!?!

Oddly, this problem seems to impact WU API to third parties as Weather34’s template no longer populates the monthly / yearly metrics! :rage:

I know its a ongoing joke for some that WU has steadily over the years gone down hill in terms of up time and stability. I suppose the question that needs to be asked is what are similar cloud hosted websites that offer comparable abilities & features?

Second, what has the Weather Flow team considered regarding using an alternate service?

“its not you
its wunderground”

PWS is an alternative


Already sending data via Meteobridge to the bulk of the on line services like PWS Weather. I had to because that is one of the few cloud hosted service that my home automation controller supports for weather metrics via PWS.

I won’t lie the PWS Weather doesn’t have the same look and feel vs Weather Underground. :persevere:

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use mysql via meteobridge end of problem . wunderground is so unreliable whilst it is a free service and flexibility of data retrieval is good when it works but in all the time ive used wunderground as a source the last 6. months as been absolutely unreliable , there are alternatives but again there free and always likely to be prone to issues as popularity grows , server overload and eventually they dissapear into the oblivion due unsustainable costs and maintenance time…

you now have some inspiration to write your own application the data is there right in front of you . spend a bit a money on a decent hosting package or create locally . avoid the clouds like the plague if your ultimate goal is reliability.

or buy weather display and again you have full acess to various ways of storing and sending data … avoid the free options they always fail,when it matters …you get what pay for in the case of wu its free and unreliable and most cases resolving wu issues is impossible apart from just deleting and source elsewhere.


I refuse to be dependent on cloud only services. I’m 100% cloud independent. Everything I depend on is local or is obtained via radio.

IT’S ridiculous the number of NON responsive services and hardware on the market today. I just refuse to invest in crap.


absolutely you can always develop your own methods here is a sample what I use for the last couple of years based on actual my own weather station output there many other scenarios i have added but if you have a method of storing data locally its not difficult to put that data to use just need to learn and really think about how the best way to implement. its all about how far you are prepared to go …

//windy moderate
else if($weather[“wind_speed_avg”]>20 && $now >$suns2){echo “< rel=‘prefetch’ src=‘css/icons/nt_windy.svg’ width=‘118px’ height=‘91px’ alt=‘weather34 windy icon’>”;}
else if($weather[“wind_speed_avg”]>20 && $now <$sunr2){echo “< rel=‘prefetch’ src=‘css/icons/nt_windy.svg’ width=‘118px’ height=‘91px’ alt=‘weather34 windy icon’>”;}
else if($weather[“wind_speed_avg”]>20){echo “< rel=‘prefetch’ src=‘css/icons/windy.svg’ width=‘118px’ height=‘91px’ alt=‘weather34 windy icon’>”;}


Code is the easy part. It’s was finding the proper hardware that proved difficult. But now, with companies like hardware is easy to obtain. What I can’t buy ready made, I can obtain parts and build myself.

And there are hundreds of programmable boards that let one build connected devices. It’s been a great decade and getting better.


Today I logged into the twelve test sites and found that all of the WU Summary stats were back filled and fully operational. :heart_eyes:

Moving forward I still need to find a comparable cloud hosted service that is more reliable. :persevere:

If you want something done right, do it yourself! Here’s my MeteoTemplate site on my home Raspberry Pi:

My MeteoTemplate Site

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Alright, that is down right sexy!! :+1::rofl: What is required to get that all setup? Any costs besides a RPi?

Software free / Paidware?

If there’s a How To to get this all set up I’m all ears!

Thank You!

All 100% free, although you may need to pay for hosting if you do not have a static IP address at your home.

MeteoTemplate web site

Note that the creator of MeteoTemplate (Jachym) was recently hired on as the head of the Air Quality department at the Czech equivalent of the NWS (CHMI), and really takes correct statistics seriously.

There are over 200 blocks and 150 plugins available to build your perfect weather portal, with sources from all over the world. Weather Under-who? :rofl:

I’m writing an automation script to install weewx on a Pi3, along with my WF driver. I will include the weewx MeteoTemplate export module and directions to install it when I post that script. I cannot bundle/automate the MeteoTemplate install very much, since Jachym requires a download token for the software and I want to adhere to his terms…


Just started to read the WiKi and watch his video’s. Lots to process and learn but I know it will definitely worth it!

Thanks for sharing this great project as this most definitely makes weather monitoring sexy! :beers::+1:

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where is my meteotemplate web site
which my software supports :slight_smile:

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That is a beautiful dashboard ~ Awesome! :+1:

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that should say here not where…I typed that on my phone while in the car (wife was driving) and it must have auto corrected…:wink:

auto correct can be embarrasing
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