PWSweather functionality?

Is it possible to dump WU and change to PWSweather? When I registered with them, I asked why I could not connect and received this reply:

" Weatherflow has not added the ability to send data to to their products. We recommend you contact them and ask for this feature to be added. "


I use my Meteobridge to send data to both PWSweather and CWOP. It works very well. There may be other options for sending data.

I am rather hoping that WeatherFlow might have a solution which involves neither additional expense nor coding skills so that PWSweather etc. could be added in the same way that WU can be. WU appears to have died; it had been very ill for a long time!


Obligatory “weewx can do that easily” post. There’s a point where folks are going to need to self-host a little raspberry pi to post to every one of the ‘many’ such places worldwide. WF can’t support them all.


No reason why someone else can’t do this for you - it’s public data after all. I asked nicely here:

I love the PWS weather website. The layout for station data is beautiful imho. I happen to have a weather website and use a weather station WordPress plugin to push data to pwsweather but yeah, it would be nice to have this and other websites like and wow UK met office support added.

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Except weewx does not “do that easily” at all. It requires hours of tinkering to even get it to upload the lightning and brightness (lux) data from a weatherflow tempest, and then it turns out it can’t do that, because WF does things with it, before it shows you their observations in, for example, the tempest app.

Either way, for WF it’s rather easy to add PWSweather and WOW, since they all have very accessible open structures to work with, and they already use the same for WU.
And I agree, Weather Underground has gone down after they fired their most valuable employees, just like imdb and many other superb websites that sold their souls to dumb corporate management without any passion for the subject matter or their communities.

Not to mention the extra energy and resource waste it causes to have to run an extra Pi or server to be able to upload the data. We already have a WF hub that uses way too much power for what it does, if that hub would include meteobridge’s capabilities, then we’d have something, but as it stands it doesn’t do that. Doesn’t even have a webUI.

WF themselves, on the other hand, run redundant cloud-based stacks of servers 24/7 already, for which having to upload to 1 or 2 extra services would hardly cost extra CPU or bandwidth, not even if all owners of a Tempest would add their PWS or WOW keys/ids. It’s just text, mind you, not some enormous CPU intensive traffic hog or something.
As opposed to running yet another Pi for all those Tempest owners, that will already cost 20 Watts non-stop per user, and a lot of that energy goes nowhere, it warms up the room (and the planet).

So, given the functionality it has, how much power would you think would be ok to use by the hub?
Because it can run for 7 days on a 20Wh battery, which translates to a power consumption of 0.1W. Describing that as “way too much” seems just unfair to me. Using that little power it maintains two radios, one to the tempest and the other is the wifi. It also runs a program to take all the data and transmit it to the servers and through UDP.

Any self-hosted application is going to be limited by WF’s implementation of rain (altered the next day by RainCheck) and lightning (somewhat magically crowd-sourced somehow).

The original question was about PWS, which weewx ‘does’ support via adding two lines to its config file, which is trivial.

A raspi costs under 2 W in sustained use, not 20 W. Regardless, both are trivial nowadays. I’d suggest the computer you’re typing your complaints on is wasting more power in a day than a pi would do in a month.


I have an Orbit B-Hyve sprinkler system that takes data from PWS. Is there any solution (i.e. a software bridge) to take data from the Weatherflow API and upload to PWS? It seems daft to buy a rasperry PI to do this but I will if that is the only solution.

A simpler solution but again via a device is Meteobridge.

Cheapest by far is a pi running weewx, or you can pay well over 125 for a meteobridge and go that way.

Any ancient pi dating back to a Nov’2012 model-B with a five buck wifi dongle will work. Most folks run a zerow or pi3 or pi3+ or pi4 if they can get their hands on one. The supply chain issues are rough now if you’re looking for new pi.

rpilocator might be worth a look. Seems like some of the usual places have had some stock recently that blows off the shelf quickly.

I do see some microcenter have pi in stock if you’re near those stores. Sigh - I was ‘two’ miles from one last week traveling out of state and forgot to stop and they have 2GB pi4 in stock. Ugh. Next trip I guess.

(IM me if you are interested in older model used pi - I have a few with cases in the box’o misfit toys in the garage that I’d sell for shipping plus a few bucks for my time)

Thanks. I am in the UK so shipping may be difficult.

ok - it’s rpilocator for you in the UK it seems. Best of luck.

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Will the 2gb model suffice or should I just wait for the 8gb? Would use it for some other projects as well.

I run weewx on an ancient 128 MB 32 bit arm system and it runs just fine.

I will try to run Debion on an old PC with Weewx and see if it works until Pis become more available.

Vince I have installed Debion on an old PC. If you have time I’d be grateful if you could walk me through the setup of Weewx. Not sure how to PM you.

Click on a person’s avatar and it’ll open. Left side you have an envelope to make a PM.