Goodbye Weather Underground - Any Other Sites Like WU?

I have exhausted my patience with Weather Underground…Have been trying for three days to get the site to perform…Always looses my station…Have tried registering a completely new station with no luck either…Are there other sites like WU to where I could transmit my data for display? Thanks! :beer:

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At present time directly from the app, nope.

Via a third party solutions (Gary’s WF archive script can send to CWOP/PWS Weather/Windy, WEEWX can send to … see their site for details :wink: ) there are many options possible.

get a small meteobridge and expand your capabilities and options to just about anything weather related


I’ve been very happy with meteobridge. It just works.

I also went the Meteobridge route and am very happy. I bought the TL-MR3020, flashed it per the instructions, got it connected and transmitting with very few issues. I currently have it hardlined because it would not pick up a new IP via WiFi if we lost power, which happens more than I’d like. So far, zero issues with ethernet connected. It sends to CWOP and WU for me, and I was going to connect it to Windy but Windy already has my station through CWOP.

Sir: I am considering the Meteobridge but have a question that I can’t seem to get answered! If I purchase the Meteobridge software and the TL-MR3029, how does the new router integrate into my current system? Will it replace or interfere with my current router? And is it difficult to make the connection between the WF station and the WIFI system? (To say the least, I am confused!) Thanks for your assistance!

Steve in Kansas

Once you’ve flashed the MR3020 with the Meteobridge software it stops being a router and becomes a weather reporting “bridge” between the hub and your router. So basically the hub reports to the Meteobridge which reports to the internet via your network. I’ve had a few issues with wireless connectivity so switched to ethernet, but it’s dead simple to set up. Just follow the instructions.

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Thanks for the reply. So, does the WF Hub plug directly into the TL-MR3029? Then the TL-MR3029 plugs in by ethernet cable to my main router? Sorry to be so simplistic, but I want to know what I am getting into!

You MAY plug the Hub into the 3029 for power. It communicates with the 3029 via Wi-Fi so it is NOT necessary to have the Hub next to the 3029.

Thanks…Where in the world can I download the software? Their webpage mentions a 14 day trial, but danged if I can find it! Thanks again.

It is partway down this page. The link is a file name ending in .bin.

My Hub and 3020 are on opposite ends of the house connected via WiFi. So long as they are on the same network, it should work fine.

Also done with WU, noticed the IOS app is full of ads and wants me to pay after I’ve been sending them data from 9 weather stations for over 20 years. Emailed support and the reply was we’re poor, IOS is separate from web, you must understand it costs lots of money to maintain all this stuff so we will no longer give access to feed provides other than the web site. Nope, I’m done, turned off all my WU feeds. Had an old MR-3040 in a box so I’m going down this path to provide data to those that appreciate it. Thanks for posting.


did you end up setting up the MR?

reply was we’re poor

That’s a laugh, considering WU is now owned by IBM.